2 Jun 2017

Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for RBI Grade B & Upcoming Competitive Exams 2017

Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for RBI Grade B & Upcoming Competitive Exams 2017
Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for RBI Grade B & Upcoming Exams 2017 (28th & 29th May 2017):
Dear Readers, Here we have given the Current Affairs GK questions based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates those who are preparing for Upcoming Banking exams can use these questions.

1).Which state government plans to setting up electric vehicle charging stations?
a)   Haryana
b)   Telangana
c)   Andhra Pradesh
d)   Gujarat
e)   Maharashtra

2).What is the name of the Odisha-based activist who entered the Limca Book of Records for the highest number of replies received from a single organization on a Right to Information (RTI) application?
a)   Naveen Panaik
b)   Bhimraj
c)   Akhand
d)   Rajesh Shukla
e)   Deshmuk rao

3).What is the theme of the World Environment day this year?
a)   Save nature for our future
b)   Connecting People to Nature
c)   Nature is our wealth
d)   People with nature
e)   Save earth save nature

4).Under which scheme Ladakh region of the Jammu and Kashmir got seven major roads projects?
a)   Pradhan Mantri Gram Suraksha Yojna
b)   Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna
c)   Pradhan Mantri Gram Sarveksha Yojna
d)   Pradhan Mantri Gram Vidhyan Yojna
e)   Pradhan Mantri Gram Abhiyan Yojna

5).World’s largest optical telescope will be located in?
a)   United States of America
b)   United Kingdom
c)   Italy
d)   Chile
e)   Russia

6).How many crore rupees has been invested in Odisha’s biggest integrated steel facility?
a)   30,000 crore rupees
b)   35,000 crore rupees
c)   33,000 crore rupees
d)   37,000 crore rupees
e)   40,000 crore rupees

7).Who inaugurates workshop on Common Service Centres as GST Suvidha Provider in New Delhi recently?
a)   Ravi Shankar Prasad
b)   Arun Jaitley
c)   Suresh Prabhu
d)   Harsh Vardhan
e)   Arvind Kejriwal

8).Who inaugurated Unmanned aerial vehicles testing and research center at Challakerein Karnataka?
a)   PM Modi
b)   Manohar Parikkar
c)   Arun jaitley
d)   Rajnath Singh
e)   Venkaiah Naidu

9).What is the name of the ISRO’s heaviest rocket which was made recently?
a)   GSLV MK –I
b)   GSLV MK –II
d)   GSLV MK –IV
e)   GSLV MK –V

10).Which service provider recently announced to provide better satellite phone services in two years?
a)   Airtel
b)   Vodafone
c)   Aircel
d)   BSNL
e)   Reliance Jio

11).India’s most profitable state owned company as of march 2017 is?
a)   IOC
b)   ONGC
c)   BHEL
d)   AAI
e)   Air India

12).Which Country recently won the sudirman cup held at Australia’s Gold Cost?
a)   Russia
b)   South Korea
c)   China
d)   Japan
e)   Malaysia

13).Who won Monaco Grand Prix 2017 title?
a)   Sebastian Vettel
b)   Nico Rosberg
c)   Lewis Hamilton
d)   Leonardo Dicaprio
e)   Rose Taylor

14).Which city police received the FICCI smart policing award 2017?
a)   Chennai
b)   Bengaluru
c)   Delhi
d)   Kolkata
e)   Pune