18 Jul 2017

Important English Questions on Cloze Test (New Pattern) with Detailed Explanation for IBPS Exams 2017

Important English Questions on Cloze Test (New Pattern) with Detailed Explanation for KVB PO &  Upcoming Exams 2017
Important English Questions on Cloze Test (New Pattern) with Detailed Explanation for IBPS Exams 2017:
Dear Readers, Here we have given the Important Practice English Questions on Cloze Test (New Pattern) with Explanation for Upcoming IBPS PO/Clerk and All other Upcoming Competitive Exams 2017. Candidates those who are preparing for the examination can make use of it.

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Directions (Q. 1-10):

Poorly-built shelters, the lack of proper blankets and sanitation facilities are something we hear about every year comes the intense cold. And this is in Delhi which is comparatively (1)[cheerful] than many other towns and cities. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), more than 1,600 people died due to extreme weather conditions (2)[throughout] India last year, with the severe heat wave claiming 40% of the total deaths. Bihar, Gujarat and Maharashtra registered the highest number of (3)[deadliness], 35% of the total. All these deaths were avoidable. The various ministries concerned have not even seen it fit to declare a heat wave as a national calamity though a cold snap is. If a national calamity is declared, a lot of measures kick in, which could help people (4)[repel] the weather conditions. Many of those who die due to extreme weather are construction workers, migrants and the homeless. Most cities or (5)[in] that matter employers make little or no provision for them. The solutions are simple— availability of safe and well equipped shelters, drinking water and medical attention. Women (6)[favor] to avoid city shelters for fear of their safety and lack of sanitation facilities. None of these are cripplingly expensive. It is simply that these people have (7)[fall] the policy cracks. We have a national disaster management policy in place to deal with other extreme weather phenomenon like floods. But every time we (8)[convey] to be caught on the wrong foot. The heartening thing as we saw in the Chennai floods is the large-heartedness of citizens in lending a helping hand. The flooding, it has now been proved, is a result in part of (9)[unchecked] construction on river banks with no thought of the consequences. In the case of heat waves, a cost effective method is to provide people with oral rehydration kits. But most of all, people (10)[has] some sort of shelter.
1). ?

better off
No change required
1). Ans:- C
Explanation:- As per the comparison being made here, ‘better off’ will be the correct phrase to be used here.

2). ?
No change required
2). Ans:- C
Explanation:- The correct word will be ‘across’ here.

3). ?
No change required
3). Ans:- D
Explanation:- ‘Fatalities’ means casualties or no. of deaths.

4). ?
No change required
4). Ans:-D
Explanation:- ‘Withstand’ means to bear or combat, ehich is correct here.

5). ?
No change required
5). Ans:- D
Explanation:- The correct preposition here will be ‘for’.

6). ?
No change required
6). Ans:- A
Explanation:- ‘Tend’ means more likely to.

7). ?
fallen through
fell to
fall under
fallen off
No change required
7). Ans:- A
Explanation:- ‘Fallen through’ will be the correct phrase which will be used here.

8). ?
No change required
8). Ans:- C
Explanation:- According to the meaning of the sentence, ‘seem will be used here.

9). ?
No change required
9). Ans:- C
Explanation:- ‘Rampant’ means out of control and growing, which is appropriate in this context.

10). ?
would have
must have
should have
to has
No change required
10). Ans:- C
Explanation:- The sentence mentions the suggestion, hence ‘should have’ will come.