Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016

    Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016

    Expected General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO 2016 Set-22:

    Dear Readers, IBPS PO examination 2016 is approaching shortly and we hope that you all preparing well for it. Here we have started providing Expected General Awareness Questions which consist of questions from Current Affairs, Banking Industry and Static GK. Kindly make use of it. If you required any Study Materials send your request to this email- [email protected]


    1).International Day of Democracy observed on?
    a) 15 September
    b) 16 September
    c)  14 September
    d) 13 September
    e) None of these

    2).Who has been chosen as the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ mascot?
    a) Kunwar bebi
    b) Kunwar Bai
    c)  Kumar chnd
    d) Humar bai
    e) None of these

    3).Name the person, who will be honored with Kumaon Literary Festival’s FON (Fellows of Nature)?
    a) Meghna Pant
    b) Meghna Gandhi
    c)  Menaga pant
    d) Menaga kumari
    e) None of the above

    4).Who was appointed as the brand ambassador of Uttar Pradesh farmers scheme ‘Samajwadi Kisan Beema Yojana’?
    a) Deepa Malik
    b) Nawazuddin Siddiqui
    c)  None of the these
    d) Salman Khan
    e) Suresh Raina

    5).International Day of Democracy was observed on 15th September. What was the theme for the International Day of Democracy 2016?
    a) Strengthening Voices for Democracy
    b) Space for Civil Society
    c)  Democracy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
    d) Engaging youth on democracy
    e) None of the above

    6).Which bank has tied up with Faculty of Commerce at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) to offer specialized banking courses?
    a) Axis bank
    b) HDFC Bank
    c)  ICICI Bank
    d) IDBI bank
    e) SBI

    7).Who has been appointed as the Chairman& Managing Director (CMD) of Shipping Corporation of India (SCI)?
    a) A S Kiran Kumar
    b) Anoop Kumar Sharma
    c)  Deepak Gupta
    d) Ved Prakash
    e) None of the above

    8).Who was recently appointed the Chairman of Isuzu Motors India?
    a) Miyane Devkrove
    b) Hiroyasu Miura
    c)  Hiroshi Nakagawa
    d) Hiroshi Miura
    e) None of the above

    9).Indian Cyclists won six medals, including 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze on the opening day of the Track Asia Cup 2016. Which country is hosting the 2016 Track Asia Cup cycling?
    a) India
    b) Sri Lanka
    c)  China
    d) Japan
    e) North Korea

    10).Who won the 2016-2017 Duleep Trophy Cricket tournament?
    a) None of the below
    b) India White
    c)  India Red
    d) India Green
    e) India Blue

    11).In India, RBI prescribes the minimum SLR level for scheduled commercial banks in India in specified assets as a percentage of bank’s_________.
    a) Time Liabilities
    b) Net Demand and Time Liabilities
    c)  Demand Liabilities
    d) Net demand
    e) All The Above

    12).CRR refers to the share of ______ that banks have to maintain with RBI of their net demand and time liabilities.
    a) Liquid Cash
    b) Solid Cash
    c)  Forex reserves
    d) Gold
    e) All The Above         

    13).Among the following which service is NOT offered by RBI to Government departments?
    a) Distributing RBI Bonds to Government departments
    b) Payment of salaries and pensions
    c)  Remittance facilities
    d) Direct and indirect tax collections
    e) All the above

    14).Which is the quantitative instrument of RBI?
    a) Statutory Liquidity Ratio
    b) Cash Reverse Ratio
    c)  Bank Rate Policy
    d) All of the above
    e) None of these

    15).CASA stands for_______.
    a) Customer Analysis and Saving Pattern
    b) Current Account and Savings Account
    c)  Credit Account and Savings Account
    d) Cost Appreciations and Selling analysis
    e) Current application and savings account

    16).Who is the Governor of Nagaland?
    a) SC Jamir
    b) Syed Ahmed
    c)  Padmanabha Balkrishna Acharya
    d) Kalyan Singh
    e) None of the above

    17).Kesari NadthTripati is the governor of which state?
    a) Uttarakhand
    b) Tripura
    c)  West Bengal
    d) Sikkim
    e) None of the above

    18).World Yoga Day is observed on
    a) 21rd January
    b) 21st September
    c)  21st December
    d) 21st June
    e) None of the above

    19).World Vegetarian Day is observed annually on______ ?
    a) October 11th
    b) October 21st
    c)  October 31st
    d) October 1st
    e) None of the above

    20).Merdeka Tournament is related to which sport?
    a) Foot Ball
    b) Hockey
    c)  Horse Racing
    d) Rowing
    e) None of the above

    1).a)  2).b)  3).a)  4).b)  5).c)  6).a)  7).b)  8).c)  9).a)  10).e)  11).b)  12).a)  13).a)  14).d)  15).b)  16).c)  17).c)  18).d)  19).d)  20).a) 


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