GK INITIATIVE for SBI Exam 2016- State wise General GK Round Up (UTTARAKHAND)

    GK INITIATIVE for SBI Exam 2016- State wise General GK Round Up (UTTARAKHAND):

    Dear Readers, General GK plays a vital role in all competitive exams, to make it simple we have planned to provide all the static General GK points by state wise on daily basis, and every weekend we will conduct “Revision Quiz on the General GK” which we have seen on that week. Kindly cooperate with us and make use of.
     Chief Minister
    Harish Rawat
    Krishan Kant Paul
     National Park
    Jim Corbett National Park, Gangotri National Park, Govind Pashu Vihar, Nanda Devi National Park, Rajaji National Park
    Valleys Of Flowers National Park
     Tiger Reserves
    Corbett, Rajaji Tiger Reserves
    Unesco World Heritage Sites
    Nanda Devi and Valleys of flowers National Park
     Famous Research
    Central forest research Institute – Dehradun
    Indian Institute of Petroleum – Dehradun
     Highest lake in India
    Devatal Lake – Gadhwal
     Dams& Rivers
    Tehri dam – Bhagirathi River
    Dhauli Ganga Dam – Ganga river 
    Folk dances
    BaradaNati, Bhotiya Dance, Chancheri, Chhapeli, Choliya Dance, Jagars
    Jhora, LangvirNritya, PandavNritya
    Ramola, Shotiya Tribal Folk Dance
    Thali-Jadda, Jhainta       
    Phool Dei, Kandali, Khatarua, Nanda Devi
    Janopunya, KumaonHoli
    Population census 2011
    10,086,292(increased by 18.81 %)
     Area(sq km census 2011) 
     Sex – Ratio
     Important Stadium
    BHEL Stadium – Cricket – Ranipur
    Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium -Dehradun         
     Major mineral resources
    Major Crops
    A lady winnowing rice, an important food crop in Uttarakhand. Like most of India, agriculture is one of the most significant sectors of the economy of Uttarakhand. Basmati rice, wheat, soybeans, groundnuts, coarse cereals, pulses, and oil seeds are
    the most widely grown crops.
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