GK Match Points SBI PO Mains Special (National News) Part-I

    GK Match Points SBI PO Mains Special (National News) Part-I
    GK Match Points SBI PO Mains Special (National News) Part-I:
    Dear Readers, SBI PO 2016 Mains exam is approaching shortly to fasten your preparation, we have decided to provide important GK Match Points on individual topics which will help you to revise is effectively. This GK Match Points will be updated daily basis and kindly make use of it.

    Note:Many of our followers are requesting for GK Score Boosters, our team is working on it and we will update it as ap.

    • The state government that has banned the sale of Army uniform is –Punjab
    • Mahesh Kumar Singal committee constituted to consider ST status of 6 communities of –Assam
    • The city that has got India’s first self-cleaning smart toilets is –Chennai
    • India has signed a financial agreement with World Bank for International Development Association credit of USD 300 million for improving Higher Education Quality in –Madhya Pradesh
    • The scheme that was released by Indian Government to boost infrastructure of the country is –Setu Bharatam
    • The state that has launched Air Ambulance is –Kerala
    • The seventh Indian state that has been joined in the UDAY Scheme is –Punjab
    • The National Rank of Gujarat in terms of National Sex ratio is –22
    • The city which hosted the BRICS Friendship Conclave in April is –Mumbai
    • Oil Ministry has laid the foundation stone of Octomax unit at –Mathura
    • Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana is a scheme launched by Karnataka for –free treatment to accident victims
    • The Indian state that has topped the list of states with investment potential is –Gujarat
    • The scheme that is launched by Indian Railways to clean dirty Coach is –Clean My Coach
    • Regional Cooperation centre will be built by IMF in the Indian city of –New Delhi
    • The first liquor-free village in Rajasthan is –Kachhabali
    • The name given to LED based lighting program is –UJALA
    • Government to computerise all ration shops by –2019
    • The two states of India are undergoing controversies over Satluj-Yamuna canal link –Punjab& Haryana
    • The mobile app “RTA m-Wallet” has been launched in which state of India –Telangana

    • The state that has installed India’s first Earthquake warning system is –Uttarakhand
    • The Indian city that is organising AAHAR 2016 is –New Delhi
    • The state government that has launched India’s first state-wide broadband project is –Andhra Pradesh
    • The enemy property amendment bill was passed in parliament. It amends the Enemy Property Act of –1968
    • Five Medicine ATMS will come in Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh under a health Ministry pilot that merges telemedicine with a basic free drugs programme
    • The first women Chief Justice of Nepal is –Sushila Kakri
    • India’s ranking out of 156 countries on the United Nations World Happiness Index (WHI) 2016 is –118
    • The cleanest railway station in the country is located in –Surat
    • Indian Air Force conducted day-night exercise named –Iron Fist
    • The Indian city that hosted the 8th BRICS summit, 2016 is –Goa
    • Udaan scheme is associated with –Jammu and Kashmir
    • AAROGYA fair 2016 is conducted in –Goa
    • Mizoram has signed a pact for promoting sustainable agriculture with –Japan
    • Salamati project is launched by –Haryana
    • India’s first organic forming university is going to set up in –Gujarat
    • Ninth defence expo is organised by –Goa
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