GK Match Points SBI PO Mains Special (Science and Technology) Part-I

    GK Match Points SBI PO Mains Special (National News) Part-I
    GK Match Points SBI PO Mains Special (Science and Technology) Part-I:
    Dear Readers, SBI PO 2016 Mains exam is approaching shortly to fasten your preparation, we have decided to provide important GK Match Points on individual topics which will help you to revise is effectively. This GK Match Points will be updated daily basis and kindly make use of it.

    ·       Indian scientists along with Ranbaxy Pharma group have found a herbal drug to cure –Dengue
    ·       The new burrowing snake species discovered in Western Ghats is –Khaire’s Black Shieldtail
    ·       The Armed forces of India has proposed to induct three women fighter pilots –Bhawna Kanth, Avani Chaturvedi and Mohana Singh
    ·       The World’s first fully electric double decker bus has been unveiled in –London
    ·       India aviation show was conducted in –Hyderabad
    ·       National Community Radio Sammelan has been inaugurated in –New Delhi
    ·       The name given to the thermal based RADAR technology developed by DRDO is –Divya Chakshu
    ·       Nucleic Acid Amplification Test machine is launched to diagnose –Tuberculosis

    ·       ISRO created a history by test firing22 satellitesat once
    ·       The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) established the GadankiIonospheric Radar Interferometer (GIRI) near –Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh
    ·       ExoMars 2016 spacecraft has been successfully launched by –ESA&Roscosmos
    ·       The satellite that was placed in orbit via the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV C-32) is –IRNSS-1F
    ·       The fast patrol vessel (FPV) of the Indian coast Guard, ICGS Arnvesh, was commissioned at –Visakhapatnam

    ·       First woman to lead Indian Army contingent at a multi-national military exercise “Force 18” is –Sophia Qureshi


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