GK questions Asked in the SBI Clerk Mains Exam Held on 25th June (Evening Shift)

    GK questions Asked in the SBI Clerk Mains Exam Held on 25th June (Evening Shift):
    Dear Readers, many of our readers have given the SBI Clerk Mains Exam today in the morning shift, and they have shared the list of GK Questions asked in the examination, we have provided them here with answers, make use of it.

    1). Which is the first state to launch Open Data Portal?
    Answer: Sikkim

    2). July 17 is observed on?
    Answer: International Justice Day

    3). Janani Seva is launched by which of the following ministry?
    Answer: Ministry of Railway

    4). What is the theme of the World Environmental Day 2016?
    Answer: Go Wild For Life.

    5). What is the Currency of Indonesia?
    Answer: Indonesian rupiah

    6). Which three countries jointly conducted Malabar Exercise, India, US and ______.
    Answer: Japan

    7). Which is the first Asian Nation to launch mission to Mars?
    Answer: India

    8). Headquarters of WHO?
    Answer: Geneva, Switzerland

    9). Jawahar lal Nehru Port is located at?
    Answer: Mumbai

    10). According to Census 2011, which state has highest sex ratio (1044)?
    Answer: Kerala

    11). Who is the author of the book “Test of My Life”
    Answer: Yuvraj Singh

    12). Barabati Stadium is located at which state?

    Answer: Odisha

    13). Phnom Penh is the capital of_____.
    Answer: Cambodia

    14). gurudongmar lake is located in which state?
    Answer: Sikkim

    15). What is the name of the Housing for All?
    Answer: Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)

    16). Amar Mahal Palace is located in which state?
    Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

    17). Sonia Lather belongs to which sports?
    Answer: Boxing

    18). Lok Nayak Jayaprakash airport?
    Answer: Bihar

    19). In ULIP “I” stands for _____.

    Answer: Insurance

    20). DCGIC “G” stands for_______.

    Answer: Guarantee

    21). Who is the Agriculture Minister ?
    Answer: Radha mohan singh

    22) Where is the Purbi Champaran
    Answer: Bihar

    23). United Bank of India Head Quarters is Located at ______?
    Answer: Kolkata

    24). NACH “A” states for ______
    Answer: Automated

    25). Small payment bank should invest 75% government security or  ________?
    Answer: Treasury bills with maturity up to one year

    26). FINO Pay Tech is Associated with ______ ?
    Answer: ICICI Bank

    27). Who is the Puducherry of CM?
    Answer: V. Narayanasamy

    28). Scores Complaint System is under control of ______?
    Answer: SEBI

    29). What is the Capital of AIIB?
    Answer: 100 billion US dollars

    30). Where is Yangon Stock Exchange?
    Answer: Myanmar

    31). What is the Premium of Pradhan mantri Jyoti Bima yojana?
    Answer: Rs.330/- per annum per member

    32). What is PMLA?

    Answer: Money Laundering Act