GK questions Asked in the SBI Clerk Mains Exam Held on 26th June (Morning Shift)

    GK questions Asked in the SBI Clerk Mains Exam Held on 26th June (Morning Shift):
    Dear Readers, many of our readers have given the SBI Clerk Mains Exam today in the morning shift, and they have shared the list of GK Questions asked in the examination, we have provided them here with answers, make use of it.
    1).Mahatma Gandhi was kept prison in Aga Khan Palace which was located at ______.
    Answer: Pune, Maharastra

    2).Which is the Largest Solar Power Plant in India?
    Answer:  Bhagwanpur, Gujarat

    3).Bharathiya Mahila Bank Comes under _____
    Answer:  RBI

    4).July 11 is celebrated as?
    Answer:  World Population Day

    5).According to census 2011 which state has very worst sex ratio?
    Answer: Haryana

    6).FMC has recently merged with _____
    Answer:  SEBI

    7).Kanha wildlife sanctuary is located at _____.
    Answer:  Madhya Pradesh

    8).Lima is the capital of _____
    Answer:  Peru

    9).What is the currency of Malaysia?
    Answer:  Malaysian Ringgit

    10).What is the Headquarters of Indian Overseas Bank?
    Answer:  Chennai

    12).Seema Punia is related to which sports?
    Answer:  Discus Thrower

    13).Kandla Seaport is located at ____.
    Answer:  Gujarat

    14).Salt Lake Stadium is located at _______.
    Answer:  Kolkata

    15).Hazaribagh wildlife sanctuary is located at _____.
    Answer:  Jharkhand

    16).Constituency of Jayant sinha is Hazaribagh which is located at _____.
    Answer:  Jharkhand

    17).What is the initial corpus of NIIC?

    Answer:  Rs. 20,000 crore 

    18).SDR related to which organization?
    Answer:  SDR- Special Drawing Rights is related to IMF

    19).Cuttack is situated near which river banks?
    Answer:  Mahanadhi

    20).Krishna Sagar dam is located on which river?

    Answer:  Kaveri

    21).Headquarters of World Tourism Organization?
    Answer:  Madrid, Spain

    22).Who is the India’s Chief Economic Advisor?
    Answer:  Arvind Subraminian

    23).Play it My Way” is the autobiography of?
    Answer:  Sachin Tendulkar

    24).which is the regulatory body of Regional Rural Banks?

    Answer:  NABARD

    25).What is the maximum loan limit of small finance banks as per RBI regulation?
    Answer:  Rs. 25 lakhs

    26).An account will be considered as dormant if it is inactive for how many years?
    Answer:  2 years
    27). ECB stands for
    Answer:  External Commercial Borrowing

    28).In RTGS, “T” stands for ____
    Answer:  Time (RTGS-Real Time Gross Settlement)

    29).What is the maximum amount in Mudra Scheme?
    Answer:  Rs.10 Lakhs

    30).Indus valley desert is located in the northern region of which country?
    Answer:  Pakistan

    31).Ujjwala Scheme is related to _______.
    Answer:  Free LPG Scheme

    32).National Automated Clearing House (NACH) is a centralised clearing system launched by which organization?
    Answer:  NPCI- National Payments Corporation of India

    33).What is CRISIL?
    Answer:  It is a credit rating agency

    34).Gatimaan Express is a semi high speed train that runs between_____
    Answer:  Delhi and Agra

    35).Kiran Bedi has been appointed as the acting Governor of ______.
    Answer:  Pondicherry

    36).India’s first ever Civil Aviation Park has been started at _____.

    Answer:  Gujarat

    37).Which among the following is the skill development schemes?
    Answer:  PMKVY- Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

    38).Headquarters of IDFC?
    Answer:  Mumbai

    39).Desert Eagle – II bilateral air combat exercise was conducted between which of the following countries?
    Answer:  India and UAE

    40).Which of the following is the higest mountain in Europe?
    Answer:  Mount Elbrus

    41).Headquarters of Deutsche Bank?

    Answer:  Frankfurt, Germany

    42).Reliance has applied for payment bank by partnered with whom?

    Answer: State Bank of India