IBPS Clerk 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Coding-Decoding)

IBPS Clerk 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions

IBPS Clerk 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions Set-37:

Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming IBPS RRB/Clerk Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this practice questions.

Directions for Q 1 -5 : Study the following information to answer the questions that follow.
In a certain code `ti se lee’ means `Jasmines are white’, `di ree’ means `yellow petals’ , ‘lee mee se’ means ‘Jasmines are Beautiful’ and `lee nut ree’ means `petals are greens’.
1). How is `greens are white petals’ written in that code?
a)  di ree lee se
b)  ti lee nut ree
c)  lee ti nut mee
d)  Cannot be determined
e)  None of these

2). How is `Jasmines’ written in that code?
a)  ti
b)  ree
c)  se
d)  lee
e)  Cannot be determined

3). How is `Yellow are white’ written in that code?
a)  lee di ti
b)  di ree ti
c)  ti se nut
d)  Cannot be determined
e)  None of these

4). Which of the following codes stands for ‘Beautiful’?
a)  ree
b)  lee
c)  se
d)  mee
e)  Cannot be determined

5). Which code stands for ‘Petals are nice’?
a)  ti se hi
b)  nut ree ti
c)  se lee di
d)  di ki lee
e)  lee mi ree

6). If PATIENT is coded as 7654325 and EXCEL is coded as 38931, then how would you encode PEACE?
a)  73693
b)  76393
c)  79363
d)  79633
e)  73396

7). If green means white, white means yellow, yellow means blue, blue means violet, violet means red, then what will be the color of SUNFLOWER?
a)  White
b)  Violet
c)  Green
d)  Blue
e)  Red

8). If white is called blue, blue is called red, red is called yellow, yellow is called green, green is called black, black is called violet and violet is called orange, what would be the color of human blood?
a)  Violet
b)  Green
c)  Red
d)  Blue
e)  Yellow

9). If in a certain code, DOCTOR is written as GQFVRT, how would BULLOCK be written in the same code ?

10). According to a military code, PEPPER is PEPREP and NEARER is AENRER, What is the code for COMPUTER?
e)  None of these
1). b;  greens are white petals
            ↓        ↓       ↓       ↓
          Nut     lee    ti        ree
2). c;Jasmines →se
3). a;yellow are white
            ↓        ↓       ↓    
          di       lee    ti     
4). d;Beautiful → mee
5). e;Petals are nice
            ↓      ↓     ↓    
          ree     lee  mi
6). a;  P   E  A   C   E
        ↓  ↓   ↓    ↓   ↓
         7   3   6    9   3
7). d
8). e
9). c;

10). b;First half is written in reverse and then second half is written in reverse.

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