IBPS PO Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-6

    IBPS PO Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-6:
    Dear Readers, IBPS PO 2016 was approaching, for that we have given the Section wise Full Test which consist of all the three sections such as, Aptitude, Reasoning, and English. This Section wise Full Test will be provided on daily basis kindly make use of it.

    Direction (1-5): Study the table carefully to answer the questions that follow:-
    Number of people visiting six different Super-markets and the percentage of Men, Women and Children visiting those Super-markets

    The Number of men visiting Super-market D forms approximately what percent of the total number of people visiting all the Super-markets together?
    a)  11
    b)  5.5
    c)  13
    d)  9
    e)  7.5

    2).The Number of children visiting Super-market C forms what percent of number of children visiting Super- market F? (rounded off to two digits after decimal)
    a)  91.49
    b)  49.85
    c)  121.71
    d)  109.30
    e)  None of these

    3).What-is the total number of children visiting Super-markets B and D together?
    a)  18515
    b)  28479
    c)  31495
    d)  22308
    e)  None of these

    4).What is the average number of women visiting all the Super-markets together?
    a)  24823.5
    b)  22388.5
    c)  26432.5
    d)  20988.5
    e)  None of these

    5).What is the ratio of number of women visiting Super-markets A to that visiting Super- market C?
    a)  35: 37
    b)  245: 316
    c)  1056 : 1141
    d)  1041: 1156
    e)  None of these

    6).In a certain code ‘SHIMLA’ is written as ‘RGHLKZ, how will PATNA be coded then?
    a)  OZTMZ
    b)  OZSMZ
    c)  QBUMB
    d)  OZTZM
    e)  OZTMB

    7).Rahim started from point X and walked straight 5km West, then turned left and walked straight 2 km and again turned left and walked straight 7km. In which direction is he from the point X?
    a)  North-East
    b)  South-West
    c)  South-East
    d)  North-West
    e)  North

    8).How many such pairs of digits are there in the number 27651489, each of which has as many digits between them in the number as when the digits are arranged in descending order within the number?
    a)  None
    b)  Three
    c)  Two
    d)  One
    e)  More than three

     9).A is the son of C, C and Q are sisters, Z is the mother of Q and P is the son of Z. Which of the following statements is true?
    a)  P and A are cousins
    b)  P is maternal Uncle of A
    c)  Q is maternal grandfather of A
    d)  C and P are sisters
    e)  None is true

    10).If A is taller than B and C is taller than D. If D is taller than B who is tallest?
    a)  A
    b)  B
    c)  C,
    d)  Can’t be determined
    e)  None of these

    Directions (Q. 11-15): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is e) i.e. ‘No Error’. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).

    11).Barely a few weeks since recovering from(a)/ 4 hours of enforced power cuts, the city(b)/ might be forced to go through load shedding again,(c)/ as the power supply situation shows no sign of improvement.(d)/ No error.(e)

    12).The National Green Tribunal (NGT) have refused(a)/ to decommission the 400-megawatt Vishnu Prayag Hydro Electric Project, (b)/ which is the world’s largest hydropower project(c)/ in the private sector.(d)/ No error.(e)

    13).While many companies are shying away(a)/ from recruiting people with disabilities, there are some companies who are leading(b)/ the way to participate in a virtual job fair that will serve(c)/ as a platform for those with disabilities to find a job.(d)/ No error.(e)

    14).This Ganesh Chaturthi, authorities made it(a) / sure that none idol made of plaster of Paris(b) / or other non-biodegradable substance(c)/ were immersed in the Yamuna.(d) / No error.(e)

    15).Security forces on Monday busted(a) / a militant hideout in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir(b) / and claimed to have recovered a large cache(c) / of arms and ammunitions.(d) / No error.(e)

    1)e   2)d   3)c   4)a   5)c   6)b   7)c   8)d   9)b   10)d  11)a   12)a   13)c   14)b   15)e

    1). e)Number of men visiting supermarket D = 41% of 55500 = 41 × 555 = 22755
    Total number of people visiting all the supermarkets together = 34560 + 65900 + 45640 + 55500 + 42350 + 59650 = 303600
    Therefore required probability = 22755/303600 × 100 = 7.5% Appr.

    2).d)Number of children visiting supermarkets C = 20% of 45640 = 20 x 45640/100 = 9128
    Number of children visiting supermarket F = 14% of 59650 = 8351
    Therefore required percentage = 9128/8351 × 100 = 109.3%

    3).c)Total number of children visiting supermarket B and D together = 20% of 65900 + 33% of 55500
    = 1318 + 18315 = 31495

    4).a)Total number of women = 55% of 34560 + 43% of 65900 + 45% of 45640 + 26% of 55500+ 70% of 42350 + 62% of 59650 = 19008 +’28337 + 20538 + 14430 + 29645 + 36983 = 148941
    Therefore required average = 148941/6 = 24823.5

    5).c)Required ratio = 19008: 20538 = 1056: 1141

    6).b)Each letter is coded as the letter previous to it, i.e. S = R, H = G, I = H, M = L, L = K, A = Z. PATNA will become OZSMZ.


    Hence Y is the finishing point and it is South-East direction


    Hence only one pair

    9). b)C and Q are sisters and A is the son of C. Hence, C is the mother of A or Z is the mother of Q. Hence Z is the maternal grandmother of A. P is the son of Z. Hence, P is the maternal uncle of A.

    10).d)A> B, C> D> B
    Therefore, Who is tallest can’t be determined

    11).a)Replace since with after.
    12).a)Replace have with has
    13).c)Replace will with would.
    14).b)Replace none with no.

    15).e)No error

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