Important Tips to Crack English Section in Upcoming IBPS PO Prelims 2016

    Important Tips to Crack English Section in Upcoming IBPS PO Prelims 2016
    Important Tips to Crack English Section in Upcoming IBPS PO Prelims 2016:
    Dear Readers, Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) is going to conduct Recruitment Examinations in various cadres in the coming months. To secure good marks and qualify in IBPS PO Prelims 2016, here we are providing a proper study plan on how to crack the English section in upcoming IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2016.

    How to spend time and attend the English section
    ·       It requires solid 20 minutes
    ·       Divide the timing into 2 parts (ie. first 10 mins and second 10 mins)
    ·       In first 10 minutes, initial 2 minutes, you must go through all the questions and passages in just a glimpse check which part has minimal tough words other than comprehension.
    Then you may choose which topic to attend in first 10 mins,
    1.   Cloze test
    2.   Error Spot
    3.   Double fillers
    Cloze test
    ·       Without filling blanks, read the full passage to know its core
    ·       Then see the options which has minimal tough words try to place it if any
    ·       Degrees of comparison based or prepositions based options carrying answers must be chosen first.
    Error Spot
    Even though it has many rules, it can be categorized in to 4 major types
    1.   Check the questions has any error or not by translating it in there mother tongues if while translating, they found struck in some places means it has error
    2.   then spell check if any
    3.   tense and voice based
    4.   preposition, articles and miscellaneous based
    Double Fillers
    ·       First read the full statements without filling blanks
    ·       Then try to fill the 2ndblank first, because you cannot predict what the sentence exactly mean in the initial blank
    ·       Do not struck with questions and don’t give guess when the possibility of answers is not determine fully.
    Second 10 minutes
    ·       You must spend last 10 minutes for comprehension.
    ·       First go through questions and then passage.
    ·       If you can go through all the passage or not depends on yours capabilities, time consumption and the passage related to. Otherwise read first and last paragraph if it is a single passage then read first 5 and last 5 sentences.
    ·       This would help you to analyze the central theme.
    ·       Newspaper given tough words will help you to attend synonyms and antonyms.
    General Tips:
    ·       Fast Reading practice is very important
    ·       Daily read newspaper, especially editorial page of Hindu. Remember all the repeatedly used tough words
    ·       Read idioms and phrases in newspaper daily and which are used repeatedly.
    ·       Revise tense and its formats
    ·       Active and passive voice formats and its usage
    ·       Be form verbs have form verbs, modals and its usage
    ·       Prepositions articles reported speech, conditional classes