Independence Day Wishes By PM of INDIA

    Independence Day Wishes By PM of INDIA
    Independence Day Wishes By PM of INDIA
    Dear Readers,Happy Independence Day to all the aspirants here we have given the Independence Day wishes by Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

    Independence Day Wishes By Prime Minster of India

    India celebrates its 70th Independence Day on 15th August 2016, i.e. on Monday. On this day in 1947, India got Independence from British colonialism. India got Independence from the British rule just because of Our greatest Freedom fighters. On 15 August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, raised the Indian national flag above the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi. The day is celebrated with great fervour across every state of the country, with the capital city Delhi becoming the hub of all celebrations. India’s Independence Day celebrations officially take place at the Red Fort. 15th August is the most Important day for all the Indians.
    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hoist the national flag and deliver Independence Day special speech during a grand event that will also have parades and cultural events at Red Fort in New Delhi. The national holiday is observed to pay tribute to the brave hearts who sacrificed their lives for the country. As part of the celebrations, schools and colleges will organise flag hoisting as well as cultural events to pay homage to the freedom fighters and legends of the country.
    After he unfurled the National flag at Delhi’s spectacular Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it is “our duty to make India the very best”, adding that his focus is on taking India “swarajya (self-governance) to surajya (good governance)”.
    Wearing a short-sleeved white kurta and a turban streaked in shades of orange, red and pink, the PM said his government  is committed to “responsibility and accountability” and has earned the trust of the people with “reform, perform and transform” as its mantra.
    The PM’s address as India celebrates its 70th year of freedom was once again made without the bulletproof enclosure used by some of his predecessors.
    “If we have millions of problems, we have 1.25 billion minds to solve them as well,” the PM said while stressing that the country’s founding principles including non-violence, social harmony and a respect for all religions. His remarks come amid outrage over attacks on Dalits or members of the lowest caste in different parts of the country including his home state of Gujarat.
    The PM in a lengthy speech presented an update on his administration’s record in bringing electricity and toilets to villages, curtailing inflation to 6%, controlling leakages in delivering subsidies in welfare reform schemes, and guaranteed greater transparency in government action and policy.
    “We want to change the situation where people are scared of Income Tax authorities, particularly the middle class,” he said.
    In a clear message to Pakistan at a time of deteriorating relations, Mr Modi said the people of Balochistan and Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir have thanked India for speaking up on their behalf. India has faulted Pakistan for instigating weeks of violence in the Kashmir Valley in which nearly 60 people have died and thousands have been left injured as protestors clash with security forces. 
    The PM’s comments today echoed his statement last week in which he said Pakistan has illegally occupied a part of Kashmir that will always belong to India. Delhi has also urged Islamabad to stop violating human rights in the region of Balochistan, which is seeking independence from Pakistan.