Mission IBPS PO 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions with Detailed Explanation

    Mission IBPS PO 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions Set-27:

    Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming IBPS PO Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this practice questions.

    Direction (Q. 1 – 5): Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H who work in eight different companies namely Infosys,  TCS, Wipro, Accenture, IBM, Mind Tree, HCL and CTS. Each person is working in exactly one company and no two people are working in the same company. They are sitting along two opposite sides of a rectangular table, 4 along each side. It is further known that:
    1 – C and D are sitting opposite to each and D works in CTS.
    2 – A works in Infosys and he is sitting two places away from D.
    3 – E doesn’t work in Wipro or HCL and F is sitting 2nd to the left of C.
    4 – B works in Accenture and he is not sitting adjacent to D.
    5 – The persons working in Mind Tree and HCL are sitting next to each other.
    6 – H is sitting opposite to the person who works in Wipro and D is not seated at any corner.
    7 – C doesn’t work in Mind Tree or HCL or TCS.

    1).What are the two pairs of people sitting diagonally opposite to each other?
    a)     A – B and F – G
    b)     A – C and E – F
    c)     A – C and D – F
    d)     A – B and E – F
    e)     can’t be determined

    2).Who works in TCS?
    a)   H
    b)   F
    c)   G
    d)   E
    e)   None of these

    3).Who works in HCL?
    a)   H
    b)   G
    c)   C
    d)   F
    e)   Can’t be determined

    4).The person who works in IBM is sitting opposite to whom?
    a)   D
    b)   E
    c)   H
    d)   G
    e)   Can’t be determined

    5).Find the odd one out?
    a)   A – H
    b)   D – B
    c)   F – D
    d)   C – E
    e)   G – C

    Direction (Q. 6 -10): Six persons Harish, Vinod, Raju, Chetan, Shruti and Shikha live in a four story building. The floors are numbered G (ground), 1, 2, and 3 from bottom to top. Shruti and Shika are girls and rest are boys. These people belong to six different cities out of Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Allahabad and Noida. Each person belongs to a different city. Every floor has either one or two persons living on it. it is known that
    1 – The number of persons living on the first and second floor together is equal to the number of people living on the ground floor and top floor together.
    2 – Vinod who belongs to Kolkata lives above Shruti and Shruti lives below the persons who belong to Bangalore and Mumbai.
    3 – Chetan Doesn’t live on the same with Shruti or Vinod.
    4 – Raju does not live on the ground and Shikha and Harish do not live on the same floor.
    5 – Harish lives on the 2nd floor and above Chetan who belongs to Delhi.
    6 – Shruti and Shikha do not live on the same floor and Raju lives just below Shikha who belongs to Allahabad.

    6).Which of the given options lists the persons who live alone on their respective floors?
    a)   Chetan, Shruti
    b)   Chetan, Either Shruti or Vinod
    c)   Raju, Chetan
    d)   Shruti, either Chetan or Vinod
    e)   Can’t be determined

    7).Who belongs to Noida?
    a)   Harish
    b)   Raju
    c)   Shruti
    d)   Vinod
    e)   Can’t be determined

    8).Who lives on the top floor?
    a)   Shikha, Harish
    b)   Shikha, Vinod
    c)   Harish, Vinod
    d)   Shriti, Vinod
    e)   None of this

    9).Who lives on the ground floor and the first floor respectively?
    a)   Shruti, Harish and Raju
    b)   Cheatan, Shruti
    c)   Vinod, Harish
    d)   Shruti, Chetan
    e)   None of this

    10).Who belongs to Mumbai?
    a)   Raju
    b)   Shikha
    c)   Harish
    d)   Vinod
    e)   Can’t be determined
    1)d  2)d  3)e 4)a  5)c  6)a  7)c  8)b  9)d  10)e


    Directions (Q. 1-5):

    Directions (Q. 6-10):


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