Most Important Last Minute Tips to Crack IBPS PO 2016 Prelims Examination (Re-Posted)

    Most Important Last Minute Tips to Crack IBPS PO 2016 Prelims Examination
    Most Important Last Minute Tips to Crack IBPS PO 2016 Prelims Examination:
    Dear Reader, IBPS PO Prelims Examination is going to begin from 16th October onwards; most candidates are done with their preparation and ready to appear for the examination. Here we have given some important Last Minute Tips to Crack IBPS PO Prelims 2016 Examination, candidates those who are yet to attend the examination can make use of this.

    Important Tips to Crack IBPS PO Prelims:
    Time Management:
    ·       Most important point to crack the IBPS PO Prelims Examination is proper Time Management. You have only one hour to give your best, so don’t waste a single second by noticing the unwanted things or helping other candidates in the exam hall.
    ·       Don’t stay in a particular section and it will ruin your time, skip the question if you feel difficult.
    Speed& Accuracy:
    ·       Speed and Accuracy is the second point that you have to remember to succeed in the IBPS PO Prelims.
    ·       In Prelims examination you have to answer 100 questions in just 60 minutes, it means you have 36 seconds to answer each question.
    ·       It’s difficult to answer all the 100 questions in the given time with accuracy. So here you have to concentrate on above strategy, we have given the appropriate time allocation for the each section, which will help you to clear the section and score good marks.
    ·       Attempt the easy questions first and try the harder one last, this will boost your confident, don’t stuck with a single question, if you are unable to solve it means just skip and move forward.
    ·       To maintain the Speed and Accuracy, keep your mind fully focused on the examination.

    Speed practice: The key factor in competitive examinations is speed. Completing papers with a set time-limit and test yourself that on which topics you have a strong and a weak hold.

    Negative marking: Beware of the negative marking during the examination; mark an answer only if you are completely confident about. If you’ll just make wild guesses, it may lead to negative marking.

    Accuracy:The key for success is accuracy along with maximum attempts.

    D-Day: Students must reach before the time of the examination. If you are doubtful regarding any question, do not waste your time. Rather, move on to other questions and in the end try attempting it.

    Things to remember:Do not forget to take the Admit Card with photograph affixed, Photo Identity Proof in original and a photo-copy of it (Ration Card and E-Aadhar Card are not accepted). Your name in ID Proof must exactly match with the one you have in your Admit Card.

    During the Exam: Do not give up at any stage of the exam. Give your best and keep in mind that if the exam is tough for you the level of difficulty would be same for everyone.

    Do’s and Don’ts Before the Exam:
    ·       You need to sleep well in the night before the examination; this will help you to keep your mind and body good.
    ·       Revise all your notes and don’t study new things in the last day, don’t get confused by revising the same topics.
    ·       Have a small discussing with your friends those who are writing examination with you, discuss about some topics related to the examination. Always discussion will teach you lot.
    ·       Take the Admit Card and once check the venue and exam time properly.
    ·       On the Day of your exam, have a light and healthy food.
    ·       Be 30 minutes prior to the time mentions in the admit card and make you mind free, don’t think anything else.