One week study plan for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016

    One week study plan for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016:
    Dear readers, by this moment all the students are done with their preparation and just a final touch is needed to brush up the Preparation. According to our analysis for the past one year among 30 – 35% of the well prepared candidates who appear for any Banking Examination, only 6 – 8% of the candidates manage to qualify the Examination. The major factors point towards is increased level of competition and lack of practice and planning.

    Since the competition level cannot be estimated, we are sharing a Last One Week Booster Plan with which you can prepare all the topics section wise and implement a smarter approach towards solving problems.This last week is the crucial time for revision and should be wisely dedicated to the revision of important topics. Here we are presenting you last one week brief study plan to crack the exam.

    Let us brief you on the Study Material for Last Week Preparation.
    ·       Full Length Practice test series (minimum 5 Tests)
    ·       Sectional Question Banks or Test (Based on New Pattern)

    Synchronize your preparation schedules and solve these test series and question banks with the utmost diligence and planning. Make sure you follow the below rules to tackle the final exam as a cake walk.

    ·       Analyse the performance by giving a mock Test.The outcome of this task will be the realization of the fact that a particular topic is your strength or weakness.
    ·       Revise each section every day and appear for the sectional test or Question banks. Apply your previous learning regarding your strength and weakness here and begin solving the section mock test in this manner. This will definitely help boost the overall score.
    ·       Practice few more full length Mock tests and analyze the improvement in Time Management.
    ·       Appear for a Final Mock test and attempt it as a real Examination. The more serious you attempt the paper, more accurate result you will get.

    Must aware precautions while attempting the mock test:
    ·       Focus on accuracy rather than on the number of questions to be attempted.
    ·       Allot time for each section and skip the section once the timeout.
    ·       Avoid guesswork
    ·       Do not lose excessive time over any question
    ·       Habituate to eliminate the wrong options or which are not close to the answer.
    Stay Confident and put your best foot forward. There are a number of opportunities besides SBI Clerk. You can put in your doubts and queries in the section below. For better response, post your Queries below.

    All the best IBPS Guide Team!!!