Practice Cloze Test from “The Hindu” Editorial (Dated- 21st Nov 2016)

    Practice Cloze Test from “The Hindu” Editorial (Dated- 21st Nov 2016)
    Dear Readers, we have given here the English Practice Questions for upcoming IBPS PO/ RRB/ Clerk Exam 2016 from “THE HINDU” Editorial Page. Candidates can use this material for their preparations.

    Cloze Test Based on “The Hindu Editorial” (Dated- 21st Nov 2016)

    Raising Dollar Falling Rupee
    Donald Trump’s surprise win in the U.S. presidential elections has(1) the dollar new wings. It has soared against(2) currencies, including the rupee, on the expectation that his economic policies will spur growth and inflation in the world’s largest economy. The prospect of the Federal Reserve(3)interest rates provided an up draught that helped the dollar extend a record appreciating(4) against the euro last week and pushed the rupee past 68 to a dollar. In Congressional testimony last week, Fed Chair Janet Yellen signalled that the central bank(5) close to a decision to raise rates again. Some economists predict U.S. GDP growth could see(6) acceleration in 2017 — with one projection positing even a doubling of the pace by the fourth quarter — if the new administration delivers on some of its promises, including tax cuts, deregulation and infrastructure spending. In fact, with a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, Mr. Trump(7) benefit from smoother Congressional backing for policy initiatives to(8)economic activity. U.S. stocks and bonds have also reflected the optimism(9)the outlook for U.S. growth and prospects that increased fiscal spending will help reflate the economy, with the S&P 500 Index adding gains for the second straight week and benchmark bond(10) climbing in anticipation of faster inflation.

    a)  made  
    b)  lent  
    c)  extended  
    d)  allowed 
    e)  added
    a)  most   
    b)  some  
    c)  few   
    d)  more  
    e)  many
    a)  reducing  
    b)  falling  
    c)  making  
    d)  raising  
    e)  increasing
    a)  streak  
    b)  success  
    c)  victory  
    d)  trace 
    e)  increase
    a)  is  
    b)  are  
    c)  was  
    d)  has  
    e)  had
    a)  ambiguous  
    b)  detectable   
    c)  measurable  
    d)  sudden  
    e)  appreciable
    a)  can   
    b)  could   
    c)  will  
    d)  would   
    e)  has
    a)  increase  
    b)  decrease  
    c)  harm   
    d)  boost   
    e)  hike
    a)  over  
    b)  in   
    c)  on   
    d)  against   
    e)  under
    a)  makes   
    b)  provides   
    c)  extends   
    d)  increases  
    e)  yields
    1. b    2. a   3. d    4. a    5. c    6. e    7. b    8. d    9. a    10. e


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