Practice Cloze Test from “The Hindu” Editorial (Dated- 22nd Nov 2016)

    Practice Cloze Test from “The Hindu” Editorial (Dated- 22nd Nov 2016)
    Dear Readers, we have given here the English Practice Questions for upcoming IBPS RRB/ Clerk Exam 2016 from “THE HINDU” Editorial Page. Candidates can use this material for their preparations.

    Cloze Test Based on The Hindu Editorial (Dated 22nd Nov 2016)

    Lessons from a disaster
              A railway network that caters to about seven billion passenger trips a year poses extraordinary management( 1 ), the most important of which is to ensure that all journeys end safely. The derailment of the Indore-Patna Express in Kanpur Dehat, with the death toll at least 146, is a stark reminder that India’s strained railway system can be unpredictably risky. The( 2 )of the families of passengers who died and those left injured can never be fully( 3 ) by the announcement of ex-gratia compensation by the Railway Ministry, the Prime Minister’s Office and State governments; at the same time, confidence in the system has( 4 ) a severe blow. The Ministry, which has recorded an average of 50 derailments a year over the past four years and a( 5 ) of 63, needs to( 6 ) in a sustained effort to win back public( 7 ). There are several elements to safety, of which the integrity of the tracks, signalling, engines and coaches need to be( 8 ) audited. Internal investigations by the Commissioners of Railway Safety have found human error to be( 9 )for 70 per cent of serious rail accidents, which underscores the importance of training and adherence to strict operational discipline. In the Patna Express accident, the focus is on whether there were( 10 ) in the track, the speed at which the late-running train was being driven, and the role played by coach design in leading to high fatalities.
    a)  Skills
    b)  Challenges
    c)  Problems
    d)  Risks
    e)  Task
    a)  Emotions
    b)  Loss
    c)  Relations
    d)  Distress
    e)  Members
    a)  Replaced
    b)  Recovered
    c)  Changed
    d)  Tackled
    e)  Compensated
    a)  Obtained
    b)  Resulted
    c)  Suffered
    d)  Consumed
    e)  Offered
    a)  Peak
    b)  Target
    c)  Limit
    d)  Number
    e)  Count
    a)  Resolve
    b)  Change
    c)  Engage
    d)  Manage
    e)  Control
    a)  Feedback
    b)  Opinion
    c)  Support
    d)  Confidence
    e)  Offer
    a)  Manually
    b)  Frequently
    c)  Often
    d)  Initially
    e)  Rigorously
    a)  Reason
    b)  Responsible
    c)  Causes
    d)  Altered
    e)  Neglected
    a)  Flaws
    b)  Rust
    c)  Crack
    d)  Joints
    e)  Gaps
    1) B  2) D 3) E  4) C  5) A  6) C  7) D  8) E   9) B   10) A


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