Practice Reading Comprehension from “The Hindu” Editorial (Dated- 10th Nov 2016)

    Practice Reading Comprehension from “The Hindu” Editorial (Dated- 10th Nov 2016)
    Dear Readers, we have given here the English Practice Questions for upcoming IBPS PO/ RRB/ Clerk Exam 2016 from “THE HINDU” Editorial Page. Candidates can use this material for their preparations.

    Understanding Trumpocalypse

    Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. These words will echo in the hearts of 324 million Americans today, some shell-shocked and downcast, others delirious with joy. The sheer divergence of emotions over the surprise result is apoignant signal of how deeply divided the nation is, after a polarising two-year election campaign. Bigotry, patriarchy and racist rancour, which reared their ugly heads throughout this season ofincivility, may find no welcome catharsis with theapotheosis of Mr. Trump. According to the exit polls, 58 per cent of whites and 21 per cent of non-whites voted for Mr. Trump, whereas 37 per cent of whites and 74 per cent of non-whites voted for his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. He also scored higher with men than women, and with those voters who did not have a college degree. In other words, blue-collared white men and womenthronged to Mr. Trump in droves, angry about their perceived impoverishment and disenfranchisementinflicted by the country’s political and financial elites. It had left them with only one option: to throw a metaphorical grenade at these power centres.
    At the heart of the shock result is the shock itself, which stemmed from what most analysts have been calling the vote of the “silent majority”. Why did the U.S. media and pollsters fail to see which way the wind was blowing? They apparently did not suspect, when poll results suggested that Ms. Clinton was the more acceptable candidate, that some of the respondents to these polls may have been unwilling to admit to being supporters of Mr. Trump. It is likely for instance that women, 42 per cent of whom voted for Mr. Trump, were reluctant to reveal their preference after Mr. Trump was exposed forboasting about sexual assault and faced allegations of the same. What was not taken proper note of was that in almost every swing State, there were between 11 and 18 per cent “undecided” voters in late October — a significant number of people that tilted the election in favour of Mr. Trump. Insofar as this election reflected expressions of frustration that went against the grain of political correctness, the Trump victory resembles Brexit. However, in his victory speech Mr. Trump has appeared to quickly move past campaignrecrimination, theconciliatorytone of which may go a little way in calming nerves at home as well as of anxious world leaders watching the election from afar. If indeed he presents a softer, more collaborative face at home and abroad, the Divided States of America may yet hold firm and lend strength to the global order, as it has done in the past.
    1). What does the Phrase “silent majority” refers to in this passage?
    a)  The minority population of Black Americans
    b)  b)The supporters of Ms.Clinton
    c)  The supporters of Mr.Trump who doesn’t showoff during pre-poll.
    d)  the gang of ungraduate  people who voted for Mr.Trump.
    e)  The supporters of Mr. Trump.
    2). Why does the result of U.S Poll has been considered as a surprising one?
    a)  As most of the country’s leaders support is with Ms. Clinton
    b)  the pre poll analysis by all U.S Media results in more supporters to Ms. Clinton than Mr.Trump
    c)  There were lot of complains against Mr. Trump which would will lead to Ms. Clinton victory.
    d)  As presently Ms. Clinton’s party is on the command and also in the past.
    e)  None of the above.
    3). Which of the following is true about the post election result?
    a)  Were most of the college degree holders voted for Mr.Trump.
    b)  More percentage of women voters were voted for Mr.Trump than men.
    c)  More percentage of Black Americans were voted for Mr.Trump than White Americans.
    d)  Less percentage of blue-collared employees were casted their poll to Mr.Trump.
    e)  Less percentage of blue-collared employees were casted their poll to Ms.Clinton.
    4). Which of the following is been stated as the main reason for more percentage of people voting to Mr. Trump?
    a)  People wants to stop the continuous rule of Democratic party.
    b)  People feels they have been punished by wealthy people through  losing their political rights and also leading them to poverty.
    c)  That a Women President will not be a efficient person to lead the world’s super dominant country.
    d)  The policy made by Ms. Hillary Clinton were not fair to people and most of the things were against country’s economy.
    e)  All the above.
    5). what has been found when comparing the per poll analysis and post poll result, especially in case of women’s poll?
    a)  The maximum percentage of women who voted for Mr.Trump fails to express their willingness at pre poll survey due to the complains posted on Trump against women.
    b)  It has been found that the maximum percentage of women voted for Mr.Trump.
    c)  The maximum percentage of women who voted for Mr.Trump were attracted by Trump’s political startergy, which is new and towards the causes of America’s development.
    d)  The maximum percentage of women who voted for Mr.Trump were admired by Trump’s success in his business and other fields.
    e)  None of the above
    6). what was the unnoticed factor which goes in favour of Mr. Trump?
    a)  The maximum suport for Mr.Trump lies with blue-collard workers and ungraduate people.
    b)  The white men’s vote plays a vital roll in Trump’s victory.
    c)  The percentage of people who were in oscillation in deciding their candidate in every state.
    d)  The countries white American who occupies more than 50% percentage of population were supporters of Mr.Trump
    e)  None of the Above.
    7). Which of the following word can replace “BOASTING” in the above passage?
    a)  Opposing
    b)  Bold
    c)  Commanding
    d)  Commenting
    e)  Praising
    8). What is the Synonyms of “CONCILIATORY”?
    a)  Pacify
    b)  pleasant
    c)  Callous
    d)  Ruthless
    e)  None of the above.
    9). What Is the Similar word for “THRONGED”?
    a)  organised
    b)  Conflicting
    c)  Crowded
    d)  protested
    e)  None of the above.
    10). What is the Antonyms of “INFLICTED”?
    a)  Punished
    b)  Praised
    c)  Awarded
    d)  Favoured
    e)  ruined
    11). What is the Synonyms of “INCIVILITY”?
    a)  coarseness
    b)  Adamant
    c)  rudeness
    d)  cruel
    e)  all the above
    12). Which of the following word can replace “POIGNANT” in the above passage?
    a)  progressive
    b)  Emotional
    c)  divergent
    d)  affirmative
    e)  None of the above
    1. C  2. B  3.E  4.B  5.A  6.C  7.E  8.A  9.C  10.D 11.E 12.B


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