Practice Reading Comprehension from “The Hindu” Editorial (Dated- 7th Nov 2016)

    Practice Reading Comprehension from The Hindu Editorial (07.11.2016)
    Dear Readers, we have given here the English Practice Questions for upcoming IBPS PO/ RRB/ Clerk Exam 2016 from “THE HINDU” Editorial Page. Candidates can use this material for their preparations.

    Looking for a humane solution
    The agreement between India and Sri Lanka on establishing a Joint Working Group on fisheries is a small step forward in resolving the dispute between fishermen of both countries. In fact, such a mechanism had been in place until a few years ago to address problems that arose whenever fishermen from Tamil Nadu were arrested by Sri Lanka. The points agreed on are important: a hotline between the Coast Guards of both countries, a meeting of the JWG once in three months, and a meeting of the fisheries ministers every six months. Welcome too is the commitment that there would be no violence or loss of life of fishermen. These measures are useful in getting Indian fishermen or their boats released from custody, but they are unlikely to have any immediate impact on the livelihood crisis facing the fishermen of northern Sri Lanka. Such a crisis may grip Tamil Nadu fishermen too one day, after the fishery resources in the Palk Bay are exhausted. The real issue is how long trawlers from Tamil Nadu will continue to fish in Sri Lankan territorial waters, and how soon bottom trawling is ended. The official statement after the talks between the foreign ministers refers to “expediting the transition towards ending the practice of bottom trawling at the earliest”. An agreement on this is crucial, but in the absence of a time frame there remains a question mark over a solution emerging.
    Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen are firm on an immediate end to allincursionsand are against seized Indian boats being released without legal process, even though they agree that the arrested fishermen should be released. In talks between representatives of fishermen held a few days earlier, Tamil Nadu fishermen had asked for a three-year phase-out period for their trawlers, and a deal under which they would fish for 85 days a year until then. This was rejected outright by the Sri Lankan side, which holds that the Indian vessels cause serious economic and ecological damage. One way of preventing boundary transgression is to find a livelihood alternative for Tamil Nadu fishermen. Equipping them for deep sea fishing is an option. For now, Tamil Nadu should show greater understanding of theplight of the Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen, who are economically weaker and yet to fully recover from a devastating war, and agree to a more reasonable phase-out period. Sri Lanka, then, can look at a licensing system under which fishermen from both sides can fish on specified days using sustainable methods andpermissibleequipment. It is important that all sides recognise that there is a humanitarian dimension to the issue.
    1.)What is the main content discussed in the above passage?
    a)  Agreement on sharing the fishery resource at Palk Bay on the welfare of Northern Sri Lankan fisher men.
    b)  MoU on cultivating the fishery resource available at their sea borders.
    c)  Banning the incursion of fishermen on cross borders.
    d)  The agreement between both country officials regarding fisher men’s welfare and their fishing.
    e)  e)None of These
    2.)What does the line “expediting the transition towards ending the practice of bottom trawling at the earliest” states?
    a)  accepting the bottom trawling practice with its earlier changes.
    b)  Rushing up the changes made to stop the bottom trawling as soon as possible.
    c)  to make changes in bottom trawling practice in a faster manner.
    d)  To put end to the bottom trawling practice at its earliest stage.
    e)  ending the practice of bottom trawling as it leads to many changes.
    3.)The Joint Working Group establish between India and Sri Lanka is for?
    a)  Trading between both countries fisher men.
    b)  To make fishermen as supporting gaurds in coastal areas to avoid illegal activities.
    c)  to resolve the problem of capturing of Tamil Nadu fishermen boats by Sri Lankan guards.
    d)  in order to safeguard both country fishermen from sea pirates.
    e)  none of the above
    4.)Which of the following is suggested as a solution in above passage?
    i) allowing licensing system for each fishermen for a specific days
    ii) deciding the fishermen of both countries not to cross their respective countries’ coastal borders.
    iii) Agreement of sharing the revenue between both country fishermen
    a)  Both i and ii
    b)  only iii
    c)  only i
    d)  both i and iii
    e)  All the above
    5.)The main reason behind rejecting Tamil Nadu fishers phase-out period demand by Sri Lankan tamil fishers?
    a)  the Tamil Nadu fishers has well equipped with tools for fishing.
    b)  as the Tamil Nadu fishermen were capturing their fishery resource.
    c)  as the Tamil Nadu fishermen’s boat affecting their economic and ecological standards.
    d)  As the phase-out period is for more than 5 years.
    e)  e)None of the above.
    6)What is the effect of agreement made on JWG over the northern Sri Lankan fishermen?
    a)  it may not make any immediate effect on their livelihood problems.
    b)  It may lead to their economic development.
    c)  it can help to expand their fishing zone.
    d)  It helps them to maintain smooth relationship with Tamil Nadu fishermen.
    e)  it makes them to hold the rights of decision making on  phase-out period.
    7)What is the remedy incurred in the passage for the safeguard of basic needs of Tamil Nadu fishermen?
    a)  Suggesting them alternate areas for fishing.
    b)  making arrangements for deep sea fishing with required tools.
    c)  Supporting them financially on Half-yearly basis.
    d)  allowing them to expand their fishing zone.
    e)  None of the above.
    8.)What is the synonyms of the word“permissible”?
    a)  allowable
    b)  durable
    c)  strong
    d)  illicit       
    e)  Supporting
    9.)What is the synonyms of the word“incursions”?
    a)  Expanding on
    b)  Capturing
    c)  discounts
    d)  advance into
    e)  none of the above
    10.)What is the antonym of the word“expediting”?
    a)  speed up
    b)  Hold
    c)  resume
    d)  pause
    e)  slow down
    11.)What is the antonym of the word“plight”?
    a)  settled condition
    b)  comfort condition
    c)  Rich status
    d)  Unpleasant condition
    e)  None of the above

    1).d 2).b 3).c 4). c 5).c 6).a 7).b 8).a  9).d 10).e 11).b


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