Practice Reasoning Question For RBI Grade B& Upcoming Exams 2017 (Puzzle)

Practice Reasoning Question For RBI Grade B& Upcoming Exams 2017 (Puzzle):

Practice Reasoning Question For RBI Grade B& Upcoming Exams 2017 (Puzzle):

Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions for RBI Grade B 2017 Exam was given here with Solutions. Aspirants those who are preparing for RBI Grade B& and all other Competitive examination can use this.

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
There are seven national parks namely Jim Corbett, Ranthambore, Kaziranga, Periyar, Bandipur, Manas and Satpura located in different cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Patna& Kolkata, not necessarily in the same order. Different animals such as, Lion, Tiger, Elephant and Deer were presented in the park. Depends on the length of the Parks it was listed from 1 to 7 positions, from top to bottom. The following information is known about them.
·       Not more than 3 Parks has same animals.
·       There’s only one park has Deer which belongs to Bangalore and listed in bottom 3 positions and is not Kaziranga Park
·       The one belongs to Chennai listed just ahead of Ranthambore Park, which does not belong to Bangalore.
·       The park in which Tiger presented is listed 1st.
·       The Parks which listed in 3rd and 4th have same animals and it is not Lion.
·       The park located in Mumbai listed in last and park located in Patna listed as 4th and none of them are has Tiger.
·       Manas Park have Lion animal and is not in bottom 3.
·       Periyar Park belongs to Hyderabad and Satpura Park belongs to Chennai, both are not having lion animal and in the list there are two Parks between them.
·       The Parks from Kolkata and Mumbai are having same animals.
·       Bandipur Park not located in Kochi, Mumbai or Bangalore.

1). Which of the following animal presented inBandipur Park?
a)  Lion
b)  Elephant
c)  Deer
d)  Either Tiger or Lion
e)  Either Tiger or Elephant
2). Which of the following park listed on 3rd place from the top?
a)  Jim Corbett Park
b)  Kaziranga Park
c)  Periyar Park
d)  Ranthambore Park
e)  Satpura Park
3). Manas park located in______________
a)  Kolkata
b)  Mumbai
c)  Bangalore
d)  Patna
e)  Kochi
4). If ‘Manas’ is related to ‘Ranthambore’, ‘Periyar ‘ is related to ‘Bandipur’, then which following park is ‘Kaziranga’ related to?
a)  Bandipur
b)  Ranthambore
c)  Jim Corbett
d)  Satpura
e)  Manas
5). Which of the following combinations is true?
a)  3 – Periyar – Hyderabad – Lion
b)  1 – Manas – Kochi -Tiger
c)  2 – Jim Corbett – Bangalore – Deer
d)  7 – Ranthambore – Mumbai – Tiger
e)  4 – Bandipur – Patna – Elephant

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Six friends – Harish, Mohan, Suresh, Vikram, Ram, and Gopal went to six different cities namely Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai and Patna (not necessarily in the same order) to attend different probationary officers exam. They exams are IBPS PO, SBI PO, BOB PO, Syndicate Bank PO, Indian Bank PO and Dena Bank PO. They attend exams from Monday to Saturday (not necessarily in the same order).
·       Harish attends exam in Delhi and he wrote either IBPS PO or Dena Bank PO.
·       Ram did not wrote Dena Bank PO exam
·       Suresh attends exam on Tuesday and he is not wrote IBPS PO or BOB PO exam.
·       The person who wrote the Syndicate Bank PO exam wrote on Saturday and neither in Mumbai nor in Bangalore.
·       Gopal wrote the SBI PO exam in Patna but not on Wednesday.
·       Ram attends the exam at Hyderabad and wrote the exam one day before Gopal
·       On first day of the week, Mohan attends the exam in Bangalore.
·       The person who attends the exam on Thursday is not wrote BOB PO or IBPS PO exam.
·       The person who attends the exam on Thursday is not Gopal.

6). Who wrote the exam in Chennai?
a)  Mohan
b)  Suresh
c)  Ram
d)  Vikram
e)  Harish
7). Harish wrote the exam on ___________
a)  Wednesday
b)  Friday
c)  Sunday
d)  Thursday
e)  Monday
8). Which of the following city conduct Indian Bank PO exam?
a)  Bangalore
b)  Hyderabad
c)  Delhi
d)  Chennai
e)  Mumbai
9). Which of the following exam held on Monday?
a)  SBI PO
c)  Dena Bank PO
d)  Indian Bank PO
e)  BOB PO
10). Which of the following combinations is true?
a)  a) Ram – Indian Bank PO      – Bangalore – Thursday
b)  Suresh – Dena Bank PO – Mumbai – Tuesday
c)  Mohan –Syndicate Bank PO – Hyderabad – Monday
d)  Harish – IBPS PO – Delhi – Friday
e)  None of these
Explanation With Answer Key:
Directions (Q. 1-5):

1). Answer: b)
2). Answer: c)
3). Answer: a)
4). Answer: d)
5). Answer: e)

Directions (Q. 6-10):

6). Answer: d)
7). Answer: a)
8). Answer: b)
9). Answer: e)

10). Answer: b)

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