SBI Clerk 2016 – Important Financial Awareness Questions

    SBI Clerk 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions
    SBI Clerk 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions Set-30:
    Dear Readers, SBI Clerk 2016 Examination is yet to be conducted with new question pattern, Financial Awareness topic was newly added in that pattern, and lot of our readers has requested to provide materials on Financial Awareness and we have planned to provide materials for it, make use of it.

    1).Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister launched the Chandranna Bima Yoja for which sector of people in Vijayawada with Investment of Rs. 132 crore?
    a)  Working Woman
    b)  Unorganised working
    c)  Pregnant Working
    d)  All Working class
    e)  None of the above

    2).The International Monetary Fund has continued growth forecast for India this year at
    a)  7.5 per cent
    b)  7.0 per cent
    c)  6.5 per cent
    d)  6.0 per cent
    e)  6.3 per cent

    3).Govt releases ____________ under MGNREGA to drought-hit states.
    a)  Rs.9,267crore
    b)  Rs.9,367crore
    c)  Rs.9,000crore
    d)  Rs.9,067crore
    e)  Rs.9,037crore

    4).Europe Central Bank set to decide fate of _____ banknote.
    a)  750-euro
    b)  1000-euro
    c)  650-euro
    d)  500-euro
    e)  400-euro

    5).Projects worth _______ approved under Namami Gange Programme for the reduction of pollution and afforestation along the rivers of Ganga.
    a)  Rs. 2446 Crore
    b)  Rs. 2556 crore
    c)  Rs. 2665 crore
    d)  Rs. 2554 crore
    e)  Rs. 2300 crore

    6)._______government has launched a scheme to grant financial assistance of up to Rs. 25 lakh to MSME for registration of patents for products and processes.
    a)  Maharashtra
    b)  Gujarat
    c)  Punjab
    d)  Haryana
    e)  Karnataka

    7).Asian Development Bank raise granting India to USD_______ to support ‘robust growth’ in the country.
    a)  3 billion
    b)  4 billion
    c)  5 billion
    d)  6 billion
    e)  7 billion

    8).The banks in Which state will provide 6000 crore rupees loans to the poor under Mudra Yojana this year to benefit about 8 lakh people for their small business.
    a)  Andhra Pradesh
    b)  Telangana
    c)  Kerala
    d)  Chhattisgarh
    e)  Odisha

    9).Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has completed _________ Kumudvathi river rejuvenation project near Nelamangala in Bengaluru rural district.
    a)  Rs. 3.00 crore
    b)  Rs. 3.77 crore
    c)  Rs. 4.00 crore
    d)  Rs. 4.77 crore
    e)  Rs. 4.88 crore

    10).Recently, India has replaced China as top destination for foreign direct investment by attracting how much worth FDI projects in 2015?
    a)  $55 billion
    b)  $63 billion
    c)  $38.5 billion
    d)  $67 billion
    e)  $49 billion

    1)d   2)a   3)b   4)d   5)a   6)d   7)a   8)b   9)d   10)b

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