SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-16

    SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-16:
    Dear Readers, SBI Clerk Mains 2016 was approaching shortly for that we have given the Section wise Full Test which consist of all the four sections such as, Aptitude, Reasoning-Computer, English, and General/Financial Awareness. This Section wise Full Test will be provided on daily basis kindly make use of it.

    Directions (1 – 5): Study the following graph carefully and answer the questions given below it.
    In various metropolis the consumption of daily used commodities.

    1).Total consumption of bread is approximately what percent of total consumption of milk in all the metropolis ? (1 litre = 900 gram)
    a) 105
    b) 130
    c) 120
    d) 100
    e) 70

    2).What is the respective ratio of total consumption of butter to bread in all the metropolis ?
    a) 49:56
    b) 94:65
    c) 49:65
    d) 65:49
    e) 94:56

    3).What is the average consumption of egg in the entire metropolis?
    a) 330000
    b) 390000
    c) 395000
    d) 930000
    e) None of these

    4).The consumption of butter is how many times of consumption of egg in all the metropolis. (1 dozen=1 kg.)
    a) 1.632
    b) 1.256
    c) 1.333
    d) 1.460
    e) 1.301

    5).Total consumption of butter and bread in Kolkata is approximately what percent less than the average consumption of milk in all the metropolis (1 litre = 950 gm.)
    a) 100%
    b) 106%
    c) 180%
    d) 112%
    e) 119%

    Directions (6 – 10): Each of the questions below has a few statements followed by three conclusions numbered I, II and III. You have to consider every given statements as true, even if it does not conform to the well known facts. Read the conclusions and then decide which of the conclusions can be logically derived.

    Some pearl are good.
    Some good are bad.
    All bad are human.
    I. All pearl being bad is a possibility
    II. At least some human being pearl is a possibility.
    III. Some human not being good is a possibility.
    a) Only I follows
    b) Only I and III follow
    c) Only II follows
    d) Either I or II and III follow
    e) All follow

    Some more are loss.
    No loss is a game.
    Some loss which are more are sale.
    I. All loss being sale is a possibility.
    II. Some loss being more is a possibility.
    III. Some more not being game is a possibility.
    a) Only I follows
    b) Only II follows
    c) Only III follows
    d) None follow
    e) Only I and III follow

    No academy is a school.
    No school is a college.
    Some college is a university.
    I. No academy being college is a possibility.
    II. All school being university is a possibility
    III. Some university not being school is a possibility.
    a) None follows
    b) Only I and II follow
    c) Only II and III follow
    d) Only III follows
    e) None of these

    All team are honest.
    All player are honest.
    Some team are danger.
    I. No team is a player.
    II. Some team which are danger, being player is a possibility.
    III. All danger cannot be honest.
    a) Only I follows
    b) Only II follows
    c) Only II and III follow
    d) Only I and III follow
    e) All follow

    No news is a true.
    Some true are incredible.
    Some incredible which are true are also films.
    I. Some incredible not being news is a possibility.
    II. Some true being films is a possibility.
    III. All film not being news is a possibility.
    a) All follow
    b) Only I and Either II or III follow
    c) Only II and Either I or III follow
    d) Only I and II follow
    e) None follows

    11).Which country has hired the First robot lawyer “ROSS”?
    a) Japan
    b) China
    c) US
    d) New Zealand
    e) Russia

    12).Which company bagged Gold Award in IT Services on 4th May 2016 when President Pranab Mukherjee conferred the 15th set of Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) Niryat Shree and Niryat Bandhu Awards in New Delhi.
    a) TCS
    b) TELNET
    c) IBM
    d) Wipro
    e) Infosys

    13).Which telecommunications company was the first to launch 4G services in India?
    a) Reliance
    b) Airtel
    c) Vodafone
    d) Idea
    e) BSNL

    14).Maharashtra government has planned to develop which city as a textiles city to promote this industry in cotton-growing areas of the Vidarbha region.
    a) Amaravathi
    b) Mumbai
    c) Latur
    d) Loknagar
    e) None of these

    15).Green passage scheme for orphan students is a scheme initiated by which state?
    a) Punjab
    b) Odisha
    c) Gujarat
    d) Maharashtra
    e) Karnataka

    16).Any type of storage that is used for holding information between steps in its processing is
    a) CPU
    b) Primary storage
    c) Intermediate storage
    d) Internal storage
    e) None of the above

    17).A name applied by Intel corp. to high speed MOS technology is called
    a) HDLC
    b) LAP
    c) HMOS
    d) SDLC
    e) None of the above

    18).A program component that allows structuring of a program in an unusual way is known as
    a) Correlation
    b) Coroutine
    c) Diagonalization
    d) Quene
    e) None of the above

    19).The radian of a number system
    a) Is variable
    b) Has nothing to do with digit position value
    c) Equals the number of its distinct counting digits
    d) Is always an even number
    e) None of the above

    20).The section of the CPU that selects, interprets and sees to the execution of program instructions
    a) Memory
    b) Register unit
    c) Control unit
    d) ALU
    e) None of the above

    Directions (21-25):In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by number a), b), c), d) and e). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

    21). The raging ________ over the issue has________ the media as well as the politicians into warring camps.
    a)  Saga, compelled
    b)  Debate, divided
    c)  Concern, ignited
    d)  Dust, gathered
    e)  Dilemma, sensitized

    22). The flexibility of the distance learning system is ______in designing courses which are socially _______ and technically uptodate.
    a)  Helpful, relevant
    b)  Basically, viable
    c)  Providing, feasible
    d)  Informative, wide
    e)  Supportive, challenging

    23). It is in this _______ that distance education ______ importance and relevance.
    a)  Episode, sounds
    b)  Capability, reflects
    c)  Role, empowers
    d)  Directions, shapes
    e)  Context, assumes

    24). _________ means of communication must be used to ________ the message of gender equality.
    a)  Subtle, Spread
    b)  Sufficient, create
    c)  Proper, aware
    d)  Distinct, channelize
    e)  Efficient, avail

    25). Female infanticide is the result of society’s _________, _________ women.
    a)  Negligence, with
    b)  Anarchy, upon
    c)  Curse, on
    d)  Supremacy, against
    e)  Apathy, towards

    1)d   2)c   3)b   4)b   5)a   6)e   7)d   8)b   9)b   10)e   11)c   12)a   13)b   14)a   15)b   16)c   17)c   18)b   19)c   20)c 21)b  22)a  23)e  24)a  25)e


    1). d)Bread = 3250000 kg.
    Milk = 3900000000 lit. = 3900000000 × .9 kg. = 3510000000 kg.
    % less = (3506750000× 100) / 3510000000 = 99.9% ≈ 100%

    2). c)Ratio = 2450 : 3250 = 49 : 65

    3). b)Required average = 1950000 / 5 = 390000 1950000 / 5

    4). b)Times = (2450000 / 1950000) = 1.256

    5). a)Butter + Bread in Kolkata = 800000 kg.
    Average of milk = 3900000000 / 5 = 780000000 ltr = 780000000 × 0.95 kg. = 741000000 kg.
    % less = (7740200000× 100) / 741000000 = 99 89% ≈ 100%
    6). e)

    7). d)

    8). b)

    9). b)

    10). e)

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