SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-17

    SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016 – Section wise Full Test-17:
    Dear Readers, SBI Clerk Mains 2016 was approaching shortly for that we have given the Section wise Full Test which consist of all the four sections such as, Aptitude, Reasoning-Computer, English, and General/Financial Awareness. This Section wise Full Test will be provided on daily basis kindly make use of it.

    Directions (1 – 5) : In the following multiple bar diagram, the data regarding cost of production and sales revenue of the company XYZ in the given years have been given. Study the bar diagram carefully and answer the questions.

    1).By what per cent is the amount received from the sales in the year 2005 of the company, more than the expenditure on production in the year 2008?
    a) 45%
    b) 40%
    c) 48%
    d) 49%
    e) 50%

    2).In how many years the cost of production is more than the average cost of production of the given years?
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3
    d) 4
    e) None of these

    3).In how many years the sales revenue is less than the average sales revenue of the given years?
    a) 1
    b) 3
    c) 2
    d) 4
    e) None of these

    4).If the cost of production in 2004 and 2007 be increased by 25% and 30% respectively, then by what per cent will the total cost in these both years be more than the sales revenue of the year 2008?
    a) 62.7%
    b) 65.7%
    c) 67.7%
    d) 68.5%
    e) None of these

    5).In which year the company had maximum profit per cent?
    a) 2008
    b) 2007
    c) 2006
    d) 2005
    e) 2004

    Directions (6 – 10) : In these questions, relationship between different elements is shown in the statements.
    The statements are followed by two conclusions.
    Give answer (a) if only Conclusion I is true.
    Giveanswer(b) if only Conclusion II is true.
    Giveanswer(c) if either Conclusion I or II is true.
    Giveanswer(d) if neither Conclusion I nor II is true.
    Giveanswer(e) if both Conclusions I and II are true.

    B> C = D ≥ X; E ≤ X; Z ≥ D
    Conclusions: I. B> E
    II. Z ≥ B

    7). Statements:
    E> F ≥ G< H ≤ I< J
    Conclusions: I. G ≤ E
    II. J ≥ F

    K ≤ L< M> N ≥ O; T> M ≤ P
    Conclusions: I. T> K
    II. P> O

    B> O = K ≥ L; D> K ≥ S
    Conclusions: I. O< D
    II. S ≤ L

    B> O = K ≥ L; D> K ≥ S
    Conclusions: I. L> D
    II. B> S

    11).Through which of the following ways can devices be connected to a computer’?
    a) USB
    b) Bluetooth
    c) CD/DVD Drive
    d) RAM
    e) Only (a) and (b)

    12).Which of the following is the correct sequence of compilation?
    a) Compilation, Assembly, Linking
    b) Assembly, Linking, Compilation
    c) Linking, Assembly, Compilation
    d) Assembly, Compilation. Linking
    e) Compilation, Linking, Assembly

    13).Which of the following is the proper removal of any malicious program from a computer System?
    a) Reconfiguration
    b) Reboot
    c) Restart
    d) Uninstallation
    e) Only (b) and (d)

    14).What is the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk called?
    a) Configuration
    b) Download
    c) Storage
    d) Upload
    e) Installation

    15).We regularly come across some lines marked on the back of products. What are they called?
    a) Bar-code
    b) Spooler
    c) Scanner
    d) Output reader
    e) Price tag

    16).International Finance Corporation (IFC) is likely to invest $68 mn in India’s Apollo Health& Lifestyle Limited. IFC is an arm of the
    a) Federal Reserve
    b) World Bank
    c) IMF
    d) ADB
    e) New Development Bank

    17).The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Mary Robinson as special envoy for El Nino and climate. Robinson is the former President of
    a) Norway
    b) Sweden
    c) France
    d) Ireland
    e) Turkey

    18).__________ has won the award for the ‘Best Far-shore Team’ instituted by the National Outsourcing Association (NOA).
    a) Intelenet Global Services
    b) Wipro BPO
    c) HCL BPO
    d) Aegis Limited
    e) WNS Global Services

    19).Rakesh Kumar Mishra has been appointed as the new Director of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) situated in
    a) Chennai
    b) Hyderabad
    c) Bengaluru
    d) Bhopal
    e) Thane

    20).The indigenously developed fecal incontinence (FI) management system ‘Qora’ was launched recently. The FI is a medical condition marked by inability to control our
    a) eye movements
    b) leg movements
    c) bowel movements
    d) hand movements
    e) None of these

    Directions(Q.21-25):Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘no error’, the answer is e). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)
    21). a) The NDA government has blamed /b) the Congress-led UPA regime for the delay /c) in the setting up an independent environmental regulatory authority /d) to monitor the compliance of green laws. /e)No error
    22). a) Kailash Satyarthi’s relentless fight for child labour /b) has definitely shown positive result. /c) but there are thousands of kids in Delhi /d) whose rights are violated on a daily basis . /e)No error
    23). a) Ukraine’s parliament ratified an agreement /b)to deep economic and political ties with the European Union /c) and passed a legislation to grant autonomy /d) to the rebellious east as part of a peace deal. /e) No error
    24). a) An all-party political conference to discuss /b) the much-contested constitution drafting process was cancelled /c) after the four main parties fail to reach /d) a concrete agreement on the policy roadmap. /e) no error
    25). a) A suicide car bomber killed /b) two US troops and a Polish soldier /c) in an attack on a convoy /d) near US embassy in Kabul. /e) No error

    1)a   2)b   3)c   4)a   5)a   6)a   7)d   8)e   9)a   10)d   11)e   12)a   13)e   14)e   15)a   16)b   17)d   18)a   19)b   20)c 21)c  22)a  23)b  24)c  25)d

    1).a) Sales revenue = Rs. 725 thousand
    Cost of production in 2008 = Rs. 500 thousand
    Therefore, Required percentage = (225 / 500)× 100 = 45%

    2).b) Average production cost = (625 + 500+ 450 + 400 + 500 + 525) / 6 = 3000 /6 = Rs. 500 Thousand
    Required years => 2004 and 2009.

    3). c)Average sales revenue = (750 + 725 + 550 + 600 + 800 + 800) / 6 = 4225 / 6 = Rs.704 Thousand
    In years 2006 and 2007 sales revenue is 550 and 600 respectively.

    4).a) New production cost in the year 2004 = (625× 125) / 100 = 781.25 thousand
    New production cost in the year 2007 = (400× 130) / 100 = Rs. 520 Thousand Therefore, Total cost = 781.25 + 520 = Rs.1301.25 thousand
    Therefore, Required percentage = [(1301.25 – 800)/100]× 100 = (501.25 / 100)× 100 = 62.7%

    6).a) B ≥ D ≥ X ≥ E
    B> C = ≤ Z
    I. B> E: True
    II. Z ≥B: Not true

    7).d) E> F ≥ G< H ≤ I< J
    I. G ≤ E: Not True
    II. J ≥ F: Not True

    8).e) K ≤ L< M> N ≥ O
    K ≤ L< M< T
    P ≥ M> N ≥ O
    I. T> K: True
    II. P> O: True

    (9 – 10):
    B> O = K ≥ L
    D> K ≥ S
    B> O = K ≥ S
    D> K = O ≥ L
    S ≤ O = K ≥ L
    9).a) Conclusions:
    I. O< D: True
    II. S ≤ L: Not True
    I. L> D: Not True
    II. B> S: Not True

    21). c Delete ‘the’
    22). a Replace ‘for’ with ‘against’
    23). b Replace ‘deep’ with ‘deepen’
    24). c Replace ‘fail’ with ‘failed’
    25). d Insert ‘the’ before ‘US’

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