SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Statement& Argument)

    SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Statement& Argument)
    SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Statement& Argument) Set-38:
    Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming SBI Clerk Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this practice questions.

    Directions (1 – 10) : In making decisions about important questions, it is desirable to distinguish between a ‘strong’ argument and a ‘weak’ argument. A ‘strong’ argument must be both important and directly related to the question. A ‘weak’ argument may not be directly related to the question and may be of minor importance or may be related to the trivial aspect of the question. Each question below is followed by two arguments numbered I and II. You have to decide which of the arguments is ‘strong’ and which is ‘weak’
    Give answer
    a)  If only Argument I is strong
    b)  If only Argument II is strong
    c)  If either Argument I or II is strong
    d)  If neither Argument I nor II is strong
    e)  If both Argument I and II are strong
    1).Statement: Should the major part of school examinations be made objective type?.
                I.       No, objective type examination does not test the students ability to express.
              II.       Yes, this is the best method of assessing one’s ability and knowledge.
    2).Statement: Should government service in rural areas atleast for two years after completion of graduation be made compulsory for the students of medicine?
                I.       Yes, it is everyone’s duty to serve the people in rural areas and contribute to their upliftment.
              II.       No, it cannot be applied only to the medicine students, since anyways they are contributing during their studies and particularly in the period of internship
    3).Statement: Should all the factories in the cities be shifted to the outskirts, far away from the main city?
                I.       Yes, this is an essential step for controlling pollution in the city.
              II.       No, such a Step will lead to lot of inconvenience to the employees of the factories and their families as well.
    4).Statement: Should the practice of rewarding high scores be stopped to handle frustration among the moderate scorers?
                        I.       No, it is necessary to motivate the high scorers and reward is one of the best ways of motivating
                      II.       Yes, too much appreciation for high scores affects the moderate students adversely at times leading to extreme situations
    5).Statement: Should there be a total ban on use of plastic bags?
                I.       No, instead the thickness of plastic bags, which can be used without much damage to the environment, should be specified
              II.       Yes, use of plastic bags causes various problems like water pollution and water logging and hence, it is necessary to ban it.
    6).Statement: Should there be a complete ban on sale of soft drinks within the premises of all the schools in India?
                I.       Yes, this will considerably decrease the consumption of such drinks by the school children as these contain harmful chemicals.
              II.       No, the authorities do not have right to impose such restriction in a democratic country.
    7).Statement: Should there be a complete ban on use of chemical pesticides in the agricultural fields?
                I.       No, the crops will get damaged by the pests as almost each crop is attacked by pests during its life cycle.
              II.       Yes, this pollutes the environment and also contaminates ground water, instead biological pesticides should be used.
    8).Statement: Should English be the medium of instruction for higher education in India?
                I.       Yes, even in advanced countries like UK and USA, the medium of instruction is English for higher education.
              II.       Yes, English is much widely spoken language in the world today.
    9).Statement: Should religion be taught in our schools?
                I.       No, ours is a secular state.
              II.       Yes, teaching religion helps inculcate moral values among children
    10).Statement: Will the Cauveri river water dispute be settled down at last?
                I.       Yes, the politicians of Karnataka and TamilNadu will come to some satisfactory political settlement
              II.       No, both the states have their own interests, hence, the dispute will be prolonged.
    1). a) 2). d) 3). a) 4). a) 5). e) 6). a) 7). e) 8). b) 9). b) 10). d)


    1).Argument I is strong as the ability to express gives groundness to one’s education. Argument II is weak because to call a method ‘the best’ without giving any reason is a simplistic assertion. 
    Answer:  a)

    2).Argument I is weak because it is not true. You cannot sweep ‘everyone’ with the same brush. Argument II is ambiguous. It first says, ‘it cannot be applied only to the medicine students’. But remaining part of the argument has got nothing to do with this only.
    Answer: d)

    3).Argument I is strong because pollution control is highly desirable. Argument II is weak.
    Answer: a)

    4).Argument I is strong as motivation is desirable action. Argument II is weak as it is superfluous. It is simply restating the question.
    Answer: a)

    5).Argument I is strong as it takes a wise, reconciliatory approach to the problem. Argument II is also strong as water pollution, etc. may severally harm mankind.
    Answer: e)

    6).Argument I is strong because soft drinks contain some harmful chemicals which are harmful to school children. But Argument II is not strong because we cannot ban wrong things in a democracy.
    Answer: a)

    7).Argument I and Argument II, both strong. If there is ban on the use of pesticides, the whole crop will be damaged by pests and if there is no ban on the use of pesticides, then it will pollute the environment.
    Answer: e)

    8).Anything successful in other countries may not succeed in India. However, since English is much widely spoken language in the world today and hence, should be adopted is a strong idea. Hence Argument II is the strong argument.
    Answer: b)

    9).Argument I is not related directly to the statement. But second argument that teaching religion helps to inculcate moral values among children is strong. Hence, the Argument II is strong
    Answer: b)

    10).None of the argument is strong because both the arguments are based on hypothetical facts.
    Answer: d)

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