SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 – Sectional Practice Test-24

    SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Sectional Practice Test-24:

    Dear Readers, Here we have provide the sectional practice test for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 which consist of questions from all the three section, candidates those who are preparing for the exam can make use of it.

    1).What is the least number must be subtracted from 1294 so that the remainder, when divided by 9, 11, 13 will leave the same remainder 6 in each case?
    a)  1
    b)  2
    c)  3
    d)  4
    e)  None of the above
    2).Nikitha bought 30kg of wheat at the rate of Rs.9.50 per kg and 40 kg of wheat at the rate of Rs.8.50 per kg and mixed them. She sold the mixture at the rate of Rs.8.90 per kg. Her total profit or loss in the transaction was:
    a)  Rs.2 loss
    b)  Rs.2 profit
    c)  Rs. 7 loss
    d)  Rs. 7 profit
    e)  None of these
    3).A and B can complete a piece of work in 10 and 2/7 days, while B and C can complete a piece of work in 13 and 1/3 days. B is 25% more efficient than C. Approximately, in how many days will A and C together complete the same work?
    a)  21
    b)  18
    c)  9
    d)  11
    e)  7
    4).Half of Sonu’s monthly income is equal to four-seventh of Rajiv’s monthly income. Rajni’s monthly income is 32000 which is double the monthly income of Sonu. What is Rajiv’s monthly income?
    a)  4517
    b)  14000
    c)  16000
    d)  Can’t be determined
    e)  None of these
    5).Manjeet spent 12% of his income on bills, 22% on rent and 28% on shopping. ¼ of the remaining amount is Rs. 3,610. How much did he spend on bills?
    a)  4580
    b)  4530
    c)  4520
    d)  4560
    e)  None of these
    Direction (06-10):Seven persons Amith, Basha, Chaitu, Dinesh, Eswar, Fizan, Gokul travel to office everyday by a XYZ train which has 5 stops, A, B, C, D, E in that order after it departs from the base station.
    ·       Three among them get in the train at the base station.
    ·       Dinesh gets down at the nest station at which Fizan gets down.
    ·       Basha does not get down either with Amith or Eswar.
    ·       Gokul alone gets in at station C and gets down with Chaitu after having passed one station.
    ·       Amith travels between only two stations and gets down at station E.
    ·       None of them gets in at station B
    ·       Chait gets in with Fizan but does not get in with either Basha or Dinesh.
    ·       Eswar gets in with two others and gets don alone after Dinesh.
    ·       Basha and Dinesh work in the same office and they get down together at station C.
    ·       None of them gets down at station A.
    6).At which station does Eswar get down?
    a)  Station B
    b)  Station C
    c)  Station D
    d)  Data inadequate
    e)  None of these
    7).At which station do Chaitu and Fizan get in?
    a)  Station A
    b)  Station B
    c)  Station C
    d)  Data inadequate
    e)  None of these
    8).At which of the following stations do Basha and Dinesh get in?
    a)  Base Station
    b)  Station B
    c)  Station C
    d)  Data inadequate
    e)  None of these
    9).After how many stations does Eshwar get down?
    a)  One
    b)  Two
    c)  Three
    d)  Four
    e)  Five
    10).Eshwar gets down after how many stations at which Fizan gets down?
    a)  Next Station
    b)  Two
    c)  Three
    d)  Four
    e)  None of these
    Directions (11-15): Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentences as a whole.
    11). While technology plays a major role in the life of the modern man, the most important aspect becomes the ability to _____________ technology and___________ the data from all social infrastructures to create useful information for the well-being of the society.
    a)  Integrate, combine
    b)  Accommodate, blend
    c)  Assimilate ,merge
    d)  Conform, coalesce
    e)  Consolidate ,mix
    12). Shimlas   celebrated Mall Road, the citys most happening___________ zone all through the year, has ______________ as many ATMs as places to eat.
    a)  Haunt, near to
    b)  Resort, party
    c)  Joint, essentially
    d)  Den, practically
    e)  Hangout, almost
    13).Investors, businessmen, academicians and politicians are once again looking at India with___________ interest and realizing that that this is one huge country which simply cannot be
    a)  Renewed, overlooked
    b)  Revuved,excluded
    c)  Improved, omitted
    d)  Reborn,reglected
    e)  Restored, left out
    14).HRD ministrys move to teach Sanskrit___________ of German in Kendriya Vidyalaya has stung their management, left students in the ___________and, of course, hurt the Germans.
    a)  Despite, flounder
    b)  Despite, flunder
    c)  Instead, lurch
    d)  In lieu, seesaw
    e)  Because, sway
    15). A person ___________ the mountain is called the nominator and the person___________ it is the nominee.
    a)  Effecting, bringing
    b)  Executing, inheriting
    c)  Accomplishing, drawing
    d)  Making, receiving
    e)  Doing, giving

    Answers Key:

    1).a   2).a   3).d   4).b   5).d   6).c   7).d   8).d   9).d   10).b 11).a  12).e  13).a  14). c 15).d

    Detailed Solutions:
    1). a)LCM of 9, 11, 13 = 1287
    Therefore, the number which, after being divided by 9, 11, 13 leaves in each case the same remainder i.e 6 = 1287 + 6 = 1293
    Required least number = 1294 – 1293 = 1

    2). a)CP of 30 kgs = 30 x 9.50 = Rs. 285
    CP of 40kgs = 40 x 8.50 = Rs. 340
    Total CP of 70kgs = 285 + 340 = Rs.625
    SP of 70kgs = 70 x 8.90 = Rs.623
    Loss = 625 – 623 = Rs.2

    3). d)(A+B) can do the work in 72/7 days. So (A+B) in one day can do=7/72 parts of the work.
    (C+B) can do the work in 40/3 days. So (C+B) in one day can do=3/40 parts of the work.
    As B is 25% more efficient than C,this impliesif C can do the work in X days (which means C will do a 1/X work in one day), B can do (1+0.25)*1/X work in one day.
    i.e C+B together in one day can do 1/X*(1+1.25) parts of work.
    This implies 2.25*(1/X)=3/40(from previous relation)
    by solving this we get X=30
    So C takes 30 days to complete the work.
    So B takes 30/1.25=24 days to complete the work.(i.e. B alone can do 1/24 parts of work in one day)
    Now using (A+B) work relation we see A alone can do (7/72-1/24)=1/18 parts work in one day.So A can complete the work in 18 days lonely.
    Now using previous findings C can do alone 1/30 parts of work in one day.
    So (A+C) can do (1/18+1/30) parts of work in one day.
    (A+C) can do the whole work in 1/[(1/18)+(1/30)] days i.e. 11.25.
    So approximately 11 days they will take to complete the work.

    4). b)½ Sonu = 4/7 Rajiv; Rajini = 2 Sonu
    Rajini = 32000 => Rajiv = ¼ x 7/4 x 32000 = 14000

    5). d)Remaining amount = 100 – 12 – 22 – 28 = 38%
    ¼ of remaining amount = 3610
    Thus 38% = 3610 × 4
    Money spent on bills = 12/100 × (3610 × 4)/38 × 100 = Rs.4560

    (6 – 10):By the given information we get:
    Get IN
    Get DOWN
    Base station
    Eswar and (Chaitu, Fizan) or (Basha, Dinesh)
    (Chaitu, Fizan) or (Basha, Dinesh)
    Only Fizan
    Only Gokul
    Basha, Divya
    Only Eswar
    Amith, Gokul, Chaitu
    6). c)
    7). d)
    8). d)
    9). d)

    10). b)
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