SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 – Sectional Practice Test-29

    SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Sectional Practice Test-29:

    Dear Readers, Here we have provide the sectional practice test for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 which consist of questions from all the three section, candidates those who are preparing for the exam can make use of it.

    Directions (1 – 5): In the following questions two equations numbered I and II are given. You have to solve both the equations and Give answer
    a)  If X> Y
    b)  If X ≥ Y
    c)  If X< Y
    d)  If X≤ Y
    e)  X=Y or Relationship cannot be established.

    I.√x/4 + 7√x/12 = 1/√x
    II.15/√y – 2/√y = 6√y
    I.X1/3x X2/3 x 3104 = 16 x X2
    II.(Y1/4÷ 16)2= 144 ÷ Y3/2
    I.√x/4 + √x /16 = 250/√x
    II.5/7 – 5/21 = √y/42
    I.46X2 -98X+12=0
    II.30Y2 -82Y+28=0

    I.41X + 11Y =2110
    II.21X + 9Y = 1650
    Directions (6– 10):  In each question below, a question is followed by information given in statements. You have to decide the information given in which of the following statement is necessary to answer the question.

    6).How many days did Mohan take to complete her assignment work?
    I.  Krishna correctly remembers that Mohan took more than two days but less than seven days to complete her assignment.
    II. Pranav correctly remembers that Mohan took more than 5 days but less than 10 days to complete her assignment.
    III. Akhil correctly remembers that Mohn completed her assignment within 12 days.
    a)  All I, II& III together  
    b)  Only II
    c)  Only I and II  
    d)  Only I and III
    e)  None of these

    7).Ayana is in which direction with respect to Ritu?
    I. Manav is to the south of Ritu and Ayana is to the east of Pihu who is to the north of Manav.
    II. Pihu is to the south of Ritu.
    III. Pihu is to the west of Tilak.
    a)  Only I 
    b)  Only II& III
    c)  Only I& II 
    d)  All
    e)  None of these

    8).How many sisters Ritesh have? Ritesh is a boy.
    I. Kavita, the mother of Ritesh, is the only child of Monika. Monika has only two grand-children.
    II. Sarvesh, the son-in-law of Monika, has a son and a daughter.
    a)  Only I  
    b)  Only II
    c)  Both I& II
    d)  Either I or II  
    e)  Neither I nor II

    9).Among A, B, C, D and E sitting in a row, facing east, who its exactly in the middle of the line?
    I. D sits third to the left of B. D is an immediate neighbour of both A and E.
    II. Two people sit between E and C. C does not sit at either of the extreme ends. A sits second to the right of E.
    a)  Only I  
    b)  Only II 
    c)  Both I and II  
    d)  Either I or II  
    e)  Neither I nor II

    10).How is ‘Sweet’ coded in a code language?
    I. ‘I love sweet chocolate’ is written as ‘qa la ti mi’ and ‘she is sweet girl is written as ‘jara mi ka’.
    II. ‘Bright and Sweet’ is written as ‘zi mi na’ and ‘who is sweet’ is written as ‘mi yo di’.
    a)  Only I 
    b)  Only II          
    c)  either I or II alone
    d)  neither I nor II
    e)  both I& II

    Directions (Q. 11–15): Read each sentence to find out if there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.) The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (e).
    11).Of the two books (a) / he chose the one (2) / which he considered (c) / the most suitable. (d) / No error (e)
    12). When he sleeps (a) / he left the radio on (2) / so that his parents would think (c) / that he was still reading. (d) / No error (e)
    13). As I kept a strict watch (a) / with my way of living  (2) / could see that (c) / it was necessary to economise (d) / No error (e)
    14). Arun is not only eminent (a) / for his writing in English (2) / but also for his (c) / paintings on spiritual theme (d) / No error (e)
    15). He confidently asked the crowd if (a) / they thought that  (2) / he was right (c) / and the crowd shouted that they do (d) / No error (e)

    1)c   2)a   3)a   4)e   5)c   6)c   7)b   8)c   9)d   10)c11)d 12)a 13)b  14)a 5)d


    1). c) I. √x/4 + 7√x/12 = 1/√x => 10√x/12 = 1/√x => x = 1.2
    II. 15/√y – 2/√y = 6√y =>6y = 13 =>y = 2.2

    2). a) I. X1/3 x X2/3 x 3104 = 16 x X2=>X x 3104 = 16 x X2 =>X = 194
    II. (Y1/4 ÷ 16)2 = 144 ÷ Y3/2 =>Y1/4 ÷ 16 = 12 ÷ Y3/4 =>Y= 192

    3). a) I. √x/4 + √x /16 = 250/√x =>5X = 250 × 16 =>X= 800
    II. 5/7 – 5/21 = √y/42 => 10/21 = √y/42 =>√y = 20 => y = ±4.5

    4). e) I. 46X2 -98X+12=0 =>46X2-92X-6X+12=0 =>46X(X-2)-6(X-2)=0 =>(46X-6)(X-2)=0 => X= 2, 6/46
    II. 30Y2 -82Y+28=0 =>30Y2-70Y-12Y+28=0 =>5Y(6Y-14)-2(6Y-14)=0 =>(5Y-2)(6Y-14)=0 => y = 2/5, 14/6
    Hence, on relationship between x and y cannot be established

    5). c) 41X + 11Y =2110_______ (1)×9; 21X + 9Y = 1650_______ (2)×11
    369X+99Y=18990_______ (3);231X+99Y=18150_______ (4)
    Eq (3) – (4) => 138X=840 =>X=6.1
    Putting the value of X in (i), we getY= 169.1

    6). c) (i) 7 days< 2 days (ii) 10 days< 5 days.From (i)& (ii) we can find the days he 

    7). b) Only (i) and (iii) are sufficient to answer.

    8). c) both (i) and (ii) are required.
    9). d)E D A _ B; E _ A _ B; so either (i) or (ii)

    10). c)I —>qa
    Love —> la 
    Sweet —>ti
    Chocolate —> mi 

    11).    Replace ‘most’ with ‘more’
    Answer:  d)

    12). Replace ‘sleeps’ with ‘slept’ as the sentences is in the past tense.
    Answer: a)

    13). Replace ‘with’ by ‘on’
    Answer: b)

    14). ‘Not only’ should come after ‘eminent’
    Answer: a)

    15). Replace ‘do’ by ‘did’ since the sentence is in the past tense.
    Answer: d)

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