SBI Exam 2016 – Important Financial Awareness Questions

    SBI Exam 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions Set-33
    Dear Readers, SBI Exam 2016 Examination is yet to be conducted with new question pattern, Financial Awareness topic was newly added in that pattern, and lot of our readers has requested to provide materials on Financial Awareness and we have planned to provide materials for it, make use of it.

    1).The New Capital Adequacy Framework prescribed for the banks is commonly known as
    a) Credit Policy
    b) Monetary Policy
    c) KYC Norms
    d)Basel Accord
    e) None of these

    2).Which of the following is not correct regarding ‘cheque’ in banking?
    a) It is a type of bill of exchange
    b) It is a non-negotiable instrument
    c) There are four main items on a cheque
    d) Parties to regular cheques generally include a drawer and a payee
    e) Cheque have been in decline for some years, both for point of sale transact ions and for third party payments

    3).A simultaneous purchase and sale of identical amounts of one currency for another with two different value dates (normally spot to forward) and, sometimes, utilizing foreign exchange derivatives is called _____.
    a) Currency future
    b) Non-deliverable forward
    c) Foreign exchange option
    d) Currency swap
    e) Foreign exchange swap

    4).Money Market is divided into how many types?
    a) 2
    b) 3
    c) 4
    d) 5
    e) 6

    5).What is the type of Cheque which is presented for payment after 3 months from the date of the cheque?
    a) Order Cheque
    b) Ante-Dated Cheque
    c) Stale Cheque
    d) Certified Cheque
    e) Post-dated Cheque

    6).A Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee Account for non-resident Indians has a limit of ____.
    a) $ 0.5 million
    b) $ 1 million
    c) $ 1.5 Million
    d) $ 2 million
    e) $ 2.5 million

    7).Which state is called the ‘Cradle of Banking’ in India, as seven leading banks of India have originated from this state?
    a) Maharashtra
    b) Gujarat
    c) Karnataka
    d) West Bengal
    e) Haryana

    8).Which among the following is world’s fastest stock exchange with a median trade speed of 6 microseconds?
    a) New York Stock Exchange
    b) Shanghai Stock Exchange
    c) Tokyo Stock Exchange
    d) Bombay Stock Exchange
    e) None of these

    9).How much amount has been allotted for MGNREGA for 2016-17?
    a) Rs.18,500 crore
    b) Rs.28,500 crore
    c) Rs.38,500 crore
    d) Rs.48,500 crore
    e) Rs.58,500 crore

    10).What is the minimum paid-up capital requirement for small banks?
    a) Rs.1000crore
    b) Rs.600crore
    c) Rs.500crore
    d) Rs.200crore
    e) Rs.100crore

    1)d   2)b   3)e   4)a   5)c   6)b   7)c   8)d   9)c   10)e

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