SBI / UIIC Exam 2016- Important Financial Awareness Questions

    SBI / UIIC Exam 2016– Important Financial Awareness Questions Set-24:

    Dear Readers, SBI / UIIC Exam 2016 is yet to be conducted with new question pattern, Financial Awareness topic was newly added in that pattern, and lot of our readers has requested to provide materials on Financial Awareness and we have planned to provide materials for it, make use of it.

    1)._______________ has announced the acquisition of debt-ridden JP Group’s cement plants for Rs 16,500 crore.
    a)  Ambuja Cements
    b)  Indian Cements
    c)  Ultratech Cements
    d)  JK Cements
    e)  None of the above

    2).The board of directors of Zee Media Corporation has approved in principal approval to acquire up 80% stake in _________ firms.
    a)  Indian Express Limited
    b)  The Hindu Group       
    c)  STAR India      
    d)  Global News Network
    e)  Indias Today

    3).What amount has been allocated for MGNREGA scheme for 2016-17 in the Union Budget for 2016-17?
    a)  Rs 30,500 cr
    b)  Rs 34,500 cr
    c)  Rs 38,500 cr
    d)  Rs 40,500 cr
    e)  Rs 44,500 cr

    4).What amount has been allocated for the new Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) scheme in the Union Budget for 2016-17?
    a)  Rs 500 cr
    b)  Rs 1,000 cr
    c)  Rs 1,500 cr
    d)  Rs 2,000 cr
    e)  Rs 800cr

    5).In the Union Budget for 2016-17, the excise duty on tobacco products other than beedis has been raised from 10 per cent to
    a)  12%
    b)  13%
    c)  14%
    d)  15%
    e)  16%

    6).The budget for 2016-17 proposes 1 per cent service charge on purchase of luxury cars over Rs 10 lakh and in-cash purchase of goods and services over
    a)  Rs.50000
    b)  Rs.2 lakh
    c)  Rs.70000
    d)  Rs.85000
    e)  Rs.1 lakh

    7).An additional exemption of Rs 50,000 has been proposed in the Union Budget for 2016-17 for housing loans up to Rs 35 lakh, provided cost of house is not above
    a)  Rs 40 lakh
    b)  Rs 45 lakh
    c)  Rs 50 lakh
    d)  Rs 60 lakh
    e)  Rs 1 crore

    8).Union Government is all set to mobilize how much amount under its ambitious 
    Sagarmala project?
    a)  Rs 15 Lakh cr
    b)  Rs 13 Lakh cr
    c)  Rs 10 Lakh cr
    d)  Rs 12 Lakh cr
    e)  None of the above

    9).The General Budget 2016-17 has proposed allocation of initial sums of ________ each for centenary of Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay.
    a)  Rs 100 cr
    b)  Rs 95 cr
    c)  Rs 110 cr
    d)  Rs 83 cr
    e)  Rs 76 cr

    10).As per the Budget proposals for 2016-17, what per cent Krishi Kalyan Cess will be levied on all services?
    a)  0.25%
    b)  0.35%
    c)  0.45%
    d)  0.75%
    e)  0.5%


    1)c   2)e   3)c   4)a   5)d   6)b   7)a   8)c   9)a   10)e

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