Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- Aug 1st Week 2016

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- Aug 1st Week 2016

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- Aug 1st Week 2016:                                        

Dear Readers, Weekly Current affairs Quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

1).Which state government has decided to recruit members of transgender community as warders in jails of the State?
a)  Bihar
b)  Kerala
c)  Odisha
d)  Maharashtra
e)  Punjab

2).Central body approves ____ crore rupees for Ganga rejuvenation projects.
a)  Rs. 400 crore
b)  Rs. 425 crore
c)  Rs. 450 crore
d)  Rs. 475 crore
e)  Rs. 500 crore

3).Which state government has inked a MoU with Japan to develop a food value chain in the state?
a)  Telangana
b)  Karnataka
c)  Kerala
d)  Andhra Pradesh
e)  None of these

4).Who has appointed as Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
a)  Bhaskar Khulbe
b)  Vijay Khulbe
c)  Ashok Khulbe
d)  Mahesh Kulbe
e)  None of these

5).Who takes over as Chairman of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)?
a)  Manoj Rath
b)  Vikram Rath
c)  Aravind Bhoopathi
d)  Dilip Rath
e)  None of these

6).Name the Gujarat chief minister who resigned recently?
a)  Manohar Lal
b)  Raghubar Das
c)  Anandiben Patel
d)  Siddiramiah
e)  None of these

7).Justice DB Bhosale sworn-in as Chief Justice of which High Court?
a)  Mumbai
b)  Allahabad
c)  Madras
d)  Bangalore
e)  Pune

8).Who won the Season 4 of Pro Kabaddi league which concluded recently?
a)  Telugu Warriors
b)  Patna Pirates
c)  Bangalore Bulls
d)  Dabang Delhi
e)  None of these

9).Who has assumed charge of new General Manager of East Central Railway (ECR) with headquarters at Hajipur in Bihar?
a)  C K Gayen
b)  D K Gayen
c)  A K Gayen
d)  Aditya Kumar Mittal
e)  None of the above

10).The US has agreed to provide five Central Asian countries with up to $15 million. Which of the following does not include in the five central Asian countries?
a)  Kazakhstan
b)  Kyrgyzstan
c)  Afghanistan
d)  Tajikistan
e)  Turkmenistan

11).Who has been elected as an individual member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) thus becoming India’s first woman to join the body?
a)  Pia Singh
b)  Nita Ambani
c)  Ekta Kapoor
d)  Renuka Ramnath
e)  Meena Ganesh

12).Name the state that has signed a MoU with Indian Space Research Organisation for setting up Water Resources Information System in the state.
a)  Orissa
b)  Telangana
c)  Hyderabad
d)  Andhra Pradesh
e)  Assam

13).Name the bill introduced by Government of India regarding compensation to employees.
a)  Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2016
b)  The Workers Compensation Regulator Act 2016
c)  Accident Compensation Act 2016
d)  Employees Compensation (Amendment) Bill 2016
e)  None of these

14).Who has been appointed as an independent Director of IDFC Bank?
a)  PramatheshBaru
b)  RaoSikandarIqbal
c)  Anand Sinha
d)  Gourishankar Roy
e)  None of these

15).Name the International credit rating agency which has affirmed its ‘BBB-’ long-term rating and ‘A-3’ short-term rating on ICICI Bank.
b)  S&P Global
c)  Fitch Ratings
d)  Moody’s Corporation
e)  None of these

16).Government sets inflation target at ________ per-cent for the next five years.
a)  6
b)  2.6
c)  5.1
d)  5
e)  4

17).Which country has recently successfully launched the first satellite for mobile telecommunication?
a)  India
b)  China
c)  South Korea
d)  Russia
e)  USA

18).Who has been re-appointed as the President of Asian Development Bank?
a)  Takehiko Nakao
b)  Masao Fujioka
c)  Haruhiko Kuroda
d)  Taroichi Yoshida
e)  None of these

19).Name the American shooter who won the first gold medal of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
a)  Yi Siling
b)  Irina Shilova
c)  Renata Mauer
d)  Virginia Thrasher
e)  None of these

20).Jitu Rai finishes __ in men’s 10m air pistol event.
a)  6th
b)  8th
c)  5th
d)  3rd
e)  7th

21).Name the Sri Lankan bowler who bagged six wickets to fashion Sri Lanka’s historic series win over Australia.
a)  Lashit Malinga
b)  Nuwan Ekanayake
c)  Dilruwan Perera
d)  Martin de Silva
e)  None of these

22).The 13th edition of the 3-day ‘We Care Film Festival on Disability Issues’ was concluded in
a)  Bangalore
b)  Chennai
c)  Allahabad
d)  Mumbai
e)  New Delhi

23).Urban Development Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu launched ‘Swachh Suvekshan-2017’ of 500 cities in which city?
a)  Delhi
b)  Chennai
c)  Bangalore
d)  Mumbai
e)  None of these

24).Name the company which has become the first private company to receive government approval to land on the moon.
a)  SpaceX
b)  Astobotic
c)  Moon Express
d)  Team Puli
e)  None of these

25).Name the famous Script writer and director who passed away recently.
a)  Shanmukhan Nadhan
b)  Sundaram
c)  Niranjan
d)  Bhoopthi
e)  None of these

26).Who among the following inaugurated Indian Institute of Technology, Goa recently?
a)  Prakash Javadekar
b)  Uma Bharati
c)  Smrti Irani
d)  Jagat Prakash Nadda
e)  None of these

27).Name the first female who elected as Tokyo’s governor?
a)  Yuriko Koike
b)  Himariko Koike
c)  Yrukaie Koike
d)  Karkimae Koike
e)  None of these

28).Who conferred with Mohun Bagan Ratna?
a)  Pardeed Krishna
b)  Dinesh Kumar
c)  Harshavardhan Kumar
d)  Syed Nayeemuddin
e)  None of these

29).Who won the Rogers Cup men’s singles in Toronto?
a)  Rodger Federer
b)  Raonic
c)  Kei Nishikori
d)  Novak Djokovic
e)  None of these

30).Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu recently lays foundation stone of broad-gage rail project in which state?
a)  Mizoram
b)  Nagaland
c)  Haryana
d)  Tripura
e)  Meghalaya

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