Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- July 1st Week 2016

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- July 1st Week 2016:                                        
Dear Readers, Weekly Current affairs Quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

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1). Who among the following has launched a teacher education portal, ‘Prashikshak’, which aims at bringing quality teachers to Indian schools?
a) Rajnath Singh
b) Smriti Irani
c) Narendra Modi
d) Sushma Swaraj
e) None of these

2). PM Sets how many days Deadline for officials on Grievance Redressal at the meeting of PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation).
a) 15 days
b) 14 days
c) 7 days
d) 10 days
e) 21 days

3). Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on the extension of embargo on food imports from the EU and some other countries until ______.
a) December 31, 2016
b) December 31, 2017
c) December 31, 2018
d) December 31, 2019
e) December 30, 2017

4). The Reserve Bank of India said pre-2005 banknotes can now be exchanged only at select RBI offices (and not banks) from
a) July 3rd
b) July 2nd
c) July 1st
d) June 30th
e) June 29th

5). The World Bank said it will lend over ______ billion dollar to India for its solar energy projects.
a) $0.5 billion
b) $0.7 billion
c) $0.9 billion
d) $1 billion
e) $1.5 billion

6). Cricket will be a part of the 2024 Olympics if ___ gets to host the tournament announced by Italian Cricket Board President.
a) Venice
b) Milan
c) Verona
d) Rome
e) None of these

7). Name the cricket player who has resigned from his post as media representative in ICC’s Cricket Committee.
a)   Sunil Gavaskar
b)   Ravi Shastri
c)   Dilip Vengsarkar
d)   Chetan Sharma
e)   Mahesh Manjrekar

8). Who became the first Indian footballer to play in Europa League.
a)   Sunil Chetri
b)   Robin Singh
c)   Subrata Pal
d)   JejeLalpeklua
e)   Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

9). Recently, which among the following banks has launched a social media banking platform enabling customers to access a host of banking services through their Facebook and Twitter accounts?
a)   Axis Bank
b)   SBI
c)   Punjab National Bank
d)   Bank of Baroda
e)   ICICI Bank

10). What was the theme of the 2016 International Day of Cooperatives that was observed recently?
a)   Driving Recovery through Co-operative Enterprise
b)   Co-operatives and Employment Promotion
c)   Peace-building through Co-operatives
d)   Co-operatives: The power to act for a sustainable future
e)   None of these

11). Which of the following Indian state has decided to introduce moral education as a subject for students of Classes VI to XII?
a) Jammu& Kashmir
b) Assam
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Haryana
e) Himachal Pradesh

12). According to Switzerland central bank’s latest update what is the India’s Rank in terms of citizens holding money with Swiss banks?
a) 61
b) 65
c) 68
d) 71
e) 75

13). State Bank of India has inked agreements with the World Bank for a _____ million dollar facility to support grid-connected rooftop solar programme in the country.
a) 350
b) 820
c) 550
d) 625
e) 620

14). The Union Sports minister Dr Jitendra Singh announced a grant of _______ lakh for ailing Olympic gold medallist Mohammed Shahid.
a) Rs.5 lakh
b) Rs.10 lakh
c) Rs.15 lakh
d) Rs.20 lakh
e) Rs.25lakh

15). Name the Former French Socialist Prime Minister who died on July 3 at the age of 85.
a) Colin Munro
b) Ryan Giggs
c) Elie Wiesel
d) Michel Rocard
e) None of these

16). India’s first Integrated Defence Communication Network (DCN) was launched. The network has been designed and developed by which IT firm?
a) TCS
b) HCL Technologies
c) Infosys
d) iGate
e) None of these

17). In order to hunt for extraterrestrial life and explore space, China has built the world’s largest radio telescope, named

18). Haryana Government announced that it would develop an industrial township in the state at an expense of
a) 2.5 billion dollar
b) 3 billion dollar
c) 3.5 billion dollar
d) 5 billion dollar
e) 6 billion dollar

19). Name the first actor to play the role Lois Lane on the Adventures of Superman television series died.
a) Eva Marie Saint
b) Peta Wilson
c) Noel Neil
d) Parkey Posey
e) Kate Bosworth

20). In which state is the Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT) headquartered?
a) Maharashtra
b) Goa
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) West Bengal
e) Tamil Nadu

21). Name the Indian swimmer who has won 8 medals including 3 golds at the IWAS (International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports) U-23 World Games in Prague.
a) NiranjanMukundan
b) Abhay Kumar
c) KetanDahyabhai Patel
d) VivekRanadive
e) Tanvir Ahmed Khan

22). The Union Cabinet approved the Interest Subvention Scheme for farmers for the year 2016-17. The amount assigned for the purpose by the government is
a) 18276 crores
b) 18288 crores
c) 18296 crores
d) 18256 crores
e) 18246 crores

23). The Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) recommended a green cess of what percent on diesel vehicles.
a) 20 – 23
b) 19 – 21
c) 20 – 22
d) 15 – 20
e) 15 – 18

24). Which state of India has become the first state in the country to introduce minimum wages for part time workers?
a) Rajasthan
b) Gujarat
c) Maharashtra
d) Kerala
e) Karnataka

25). Name the telecommunication authority which has launched an app called “My speed” to check real-time internet.
b) Dot

26). The Union Finance Ministry has constituted four members committee to examine the feasibility and desirability of having a new financial year.The committee will be headed by
a) Shankar Acharya
b) PadmanabhaAcharya
c) MitheleshAcharya
d) MuktheshAcharya
e) SomanadhAcharya

27). Union Government launched National Green Highways Mission, for plantation drive on 1500 km of National Highways. What is the estimated cost for the project by the government?
a) 750 crore rupees
b) 650crore rupees
c) 550crore rupees
d) 450crore rupees
e) 300crore rupees

28). Under NamamiGange Programme how many project were implement all over the?
a) 219
b) 198
c) 231
d) 220
e) 252

29). Where did the Liberty Park on 29 June 2016?
a) World Trade Organisation, Geneva
b) International Finance Corporation, Washington D. C
c) World Trade Center, New York
d) World Economic Forum, Cologny
e) None of these

30). Deepak Singhal appointed as the Chief Secretary of
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Himachal Pradesh
e) Uttar Pradesh

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