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50 Days Study Plan for IBPS PO Prelims 2018

Dear Aspirants, Follow our best 50 Days IBPS PO study plan to crack IBPS PO Prelims exam 2018 easily. We provide you daily study plan along with effective preparation strategy to clear IBPS PO exam. The most awaited notification of IBPS PO 2018 has been released with more number of vacancies. It is an incredible chance to get placed as a banker in one of the public sector banks. Hard work alone is not going to help you in achieving your dream career as it requires little smart work. Preparing a study plan covering all important topics within time limit makes you implement exact strategy towards your exam preparation. We thought to ease your work by providing exclusive 50 Days Study Planner for IBPS PO Prelims 2018 to make you reach your destiny successfully.

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IBPS PO Preliminary Exam Pattern 2018:

Sectional timing has been introduced for the first time in IBPS PO Prelims 2018 exam. Examination pattern has been updated; the sectional timing for Preliminary Examination has been brought for scrutinizing foremost candidates at first stage of selection process itself. The regular practice with high speed is the most essential one for the candidates. Follow our IBPS Guide’s Study Planner for IBPS PO Prelims 2018 created by experts rather than spending your precious time.

We IBPS Guide, provide you the Study Planner for IBPS PO examination not wanting to lose a single valuable minute. IBPS PO Prelims Study planner was designed with three sections by covering all topics. Mock test helps you to analyze your preparation so far and you can identify your strong and weak areas. The Study Planner will be useful for all categories of the aspirants to follow with effortlessness.

 Name of the Subject
 No. of Questions
English Language
 100 Marks
20 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude
20 Minutes
Reasoning Ability
20 Minutes
1 Hour

50 Days IBPS PO Study Plan for Prelims-2018

DaysQuantitative AptitudeEnglish Language (Compulsory daily vocabulary for 10 words)Reasoning Ability
Day-01Tricks for Squares, Cubes and MultiplicationsErrors in ArticlesCoding & Decoding
Day-02SimplificationErrors in Nouns and PronounsInequalities
Day-03Ratio and ProportionErrors in Tense and VerbsBlood Relation
Day-04AverageErrors in Adverb and AdjectiveDirection Sense
Day-05PercentageErrors in Active and Passive voicesSyllogism
Day-06PartnershipErrors in Direct and Indirect speechesData Sufficiency
Day-07Problems on AgesErrors in ComparisonRanking
Day-08Problems on TrainsMeanings of Idioms and PhrasesAlphanumeric Series
Day-09Boats & StreamsPhrase/Word replacementNumber Sequence
Day-10Mock Test-1
Day-11ProbabilitySingle fillersMachine Input & Output
Day-12Time & WorkJumbled sentenceSeating Arrangement (Linear)
Day-13Time & DistanceDouble fillersSeating Arrangement (Circular)
Day-14MensurationReading Comprehension (Story based)Puzzles (Days Based)
Day-15Pipes & CisternCloze TestPuzzles (Floors Based)
Day-16Mixture & AllegationsSentence ImprovementSeating Arrangement (Square)
Day-17Simple InterestUsage of Connecting WordsPuzzles (Box Based)
Day-18Profit & LossSentence MatchingPuzzles (Months Based)
Day-19Compound InterestError SpottingPuzzles (Years Based)
Day-20Mock Test-2
Day-21Data Interpretation (Tabular)Sentence RearrangementCoding & Decoding (New Pattern)
Day-22Data Interpretation (Caselets)Reading Comprehension (Economics)Coded Inequalities
Day-23Data Interpretation (Pie-Chart)Sentence FillersCoded Blood Relations
Day-24Data Interpretation (Bar Graph)Jumbled SentenceCoded Direction Sense
Day-25Inequalities (Quantity Based)Paragraph CompletionMachine Input & Output (New Pattern)
Day-26Data Interpretation (Line Graph)Most Appropriate Synonyms/AntonymsSyllogism
Day-27Data SufficiencyUsage of WordsSeating Arrangement and Coding & Decoding
Day-28Quadratic EquationGrammatical correct or wrong sentence findingPuzzles and Inequalities
Day-29Approximation and Time &WorkCloze TestSeating Arrangement and Blood Relations


Mock Test-3

Data Interpretation (Caselets)

Double FillersPuzzles and Direction Sense
Day-32Data Interpretation (Mixed)Reading Comprehension (Current Events)Seating Arrangement and Alphanumeric Series
Day-33Mixture & Allegations and PercentageSentence MatchingPuzzles and Data Sufficiency
Day-34Simplification and MensurationError SpottingRanking and Machine Input & Output
Day-35Boats & Streams and Time & WorkUsage of Idioms & PhrasesBlood Relations and Number Sequence
Day-36Probability and Wrong Number SeriesError Detection (New Pattern)Syllogism and Coding & Decoding
Day-37Inequalities and PartnershipRC (New Pattern)Direction Sense and Data Sufficiency
Day-38Quadratic Equation and ApproximationCloze Test (New Pattern)Coding and Decoding (New Pattern)
Day-39Caselet DI and Boats & StreamsDouble Fillers (New Pattern)

Syllogism (New Pattern)


Mock Test-4


Simple & Compound InterestSentence ImprovementDirection Sense (New Pattern)
Day-42Mensuration and Profit & LossReading ComprehensionSeating Arrangement (Linear and Circular)
Day-43Mixed DI and Wrong Number SeriesUsage of WordsPuzzles (Floors & Months)
Day-44Missing DI and Time and WorkMost Appropriate Synonyms/AntonymsSeating Arrangement (Square & Rectangle)
Day-45Mixed DI and ProbabilityJumbled words within the sentencePuzzles (Year & Box)
Day-46Missing DI and Problems on AgesPhrase ReplacementSeating Arrangement and Puzzles
Day-47Mixed DI and Quadratic EquationsSentence Matching

Seating Arrangement and Puzzles

Day-48Mock Test-5
Day-49Mock Test-6


Mock Test-7


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