Bank of Baroda PO Exam- Previous Year Exam Questions held on 2014 (Based on Memory)

    Bank of Baroda PO Exam- Previous Exam Questions
    Bank of Baroda PO Exam- Previous Year Exam Questions held on 2014 (Based on Memory):
    The List of GK Questions that asked in Bank of Baroda PO Exam Held on 2014 based on memory was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use these questions.

    ·        ISIS stands for? – Islami state of Iraq and Seria
    ·        Who is called as little master in cricket?– Sachin Tendulkar
    ·        NEFT Stands for?– National Electronic Fund Tranfer
    ·        In which of the following companies does the bank insure the periodic payment deposits?– DICGC (Deposit Insurance& Price Guarantee Corporation)
    ·        Who was the coin authority of India?– Government of India
    ·        Who is the controller of foreign exchange?-RBI
    ·        In BASIC, I – Stands for?- India
    ·        Who is the permanent supplier of Uranium for India?– Russia
    ·        Indian Actor who honoured with Legion of Honour by France government?– Sharuk Khan
    ·        Head Quarter of BRICS was located on?– Beijing
    ·        World’s Drug Abuse Day was celebrated on?– 26th June
    ·        Who is the author of 2 states book?– Chetan Bagh Bhagat
    ·        Who is the secretary General of UN general assembly?– Banki Moon
    ·        Head Quarter of United Nation Organization (UNO) was located on?– Newyork
    ·        Head Quarter of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was located on?– Italy, Rome
    ·        NPA Stands for?– Non-Performing Assets
    ·        External Minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj was banned entry to which country?– Pakistan

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