Changes for Survival- Story of an Eagle

    Changes for Survival- Story of an Eagle
    Changes for Survival- Story of an Eagle:
    EAGLE Can Live Up To 70 Years, But To Reach This Age, The Eagle Must Make A Hard Decision In Its’ 40’S. Its’ Long& Flexible Talons Can No Longer Grab Prey Which Serves As Food, Its’ Long& Sharp Beak Becomes Bent.

    Its’ Old-Aged& Heavy Wings, Due To Their Thick Feathers, Become Stuck To Its’ Chest& Make It Difficult To Fly.

    Then Eagle Is Left With Only 2 Options: Die Or Go Through A Painful Process Of Change Which Lasts 150 Days.
    The Process Requires That Eagle Fly To A Mountain& The Eagle Knocks Its’ Beak Against A Rock Until It Plucks It Out.
    After This, Eagle Will Wait For A New Beak To Grow Back. When Its’ New Talons Grow Back, The Eagle Starts Plucking Its’ Old-Aged Feathers& After 5 Months, Eagle Can Take Its’ Flight Of Rebirth& Lives For 30 More Years.
    Moral Of Story:
    Dear Friends, Many Times, In Order To Survive, We Have To Start A Change Process. We Sometimes Need To Get Rid Of Old Memories, Habits& Other Past Traditions. Only Freed From Past Burdens,We Can Take Advantage Of The Present.

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