Cheers to New Year and another Chance for us to get it Right

    Cheers to New Year and it is another Chance for us to get it Right
    Cheers to New Year and another Chance for us to get it Right:
    Dear Readers, Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous New Year by believing. Believe in yourself.Make New Year’s goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part.

    What a trap it is to forget you are the creator of your reality.
    It’s a terrible state to be lost in your experience, wondering why you are so far from where you want to be. Not knowing why you can’t get a break or how much work you have to do before you see some sign of success.
    I can’t think of just about anything worse than trying everything you know to do, and still coming up short.
    That feeling of helplessness is a killer.
    The anxiety of cracking your brain with, “Where did I go wrong?” “Why isn’t it working?”I believe these mental states are a place called hell. It’s not a place you want to stay.
    You stay in that place too long and you’ll turn nightmares into reality.”You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

    Knowing you are the creator of your experience, and how you do it, makes you free!

    That feeling of freedom is absolute bliss, it’s heaven. Nothing to fear nothing to worry about.

    It’s the launching pad for an exceptional life.

    Grab this truth and hold on to it. Receive it, accept it, and love it. Feel good about it. In fact, make it your daily routine to meditate on it, and feel good about it.
    As you keep focusing on this truth, your worries will begin to disappear. Your anxiety will begin to transform into peace. Your peace will transform into confidence. Your confidence will transform into boldness, and your boldness will transform into absolute fearlessness. Your personality will be transformed,and you will feel like a new person. Understand, how you feel is incredibly important.
    As you think and speak about your future in this state of confidence and peacefulness, circumstances and troubles that you have been trying to change for ages will fade away.

    That success that you desperately wanted, but seemed beyond your grasp, will flow to you effortlessly.

    This is because you are the creator of your experience.
    But to create the life you desire you must know it and feel it!

    ~Wish You a Very Happy New Year~

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