Current Affairs and GK question Updates-19th Oct 2014 | IBPS PO/Clerk Exam Preparation

    Current Affairs and GK question Updates-19th Oct 2014 | IBPS PO/Clerk Exam Preparation:                      
    Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

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    1).The Union Government has decided to re-launch DBT scheme, in that ‘B’ stands for?
    a)   Better
    b)   Beyond
    c)   Benefit
    d)   Behind

    2).What is the name of the Argentina first satellite, which was fully built inside the country?
    a)   ARGENSAT 1
    b)   ARSAT 1
    c)   ARGEN 1
    d)   ARGOL 1

    3).SAARC summit 2014 will be hosted by?
    a)   Nepal
    b)   India
    c)   Japan
    d)   Bangladesh

    4).Which country has officially declared as Ebola- Free by WHO?
    a)   Nigeria
    b)   Liberia
    c)   Ghana
    d)   Syria

    5).Which country has decided to launch Gandhi Inspired Tourist Attraction project?
    a)   Dubai
    b)   USA
    c)   Russia
    d)   South Africa

    6).Union Home Ministry has drafted a new counter Naxal doctrine and in if CPMF will have a definite role, in CPMF, ‘M’ stands for?
    a)   Men
    b)   Maoist
    c)   Mass
    d)   Military

    7).Which country was interested to invest ten thousand crores in the road sector in Rajasthan?
    a)   France
    b)   Malaysia
    c)   Japan
    d)   Germany

    8).Which two south asian countries has decided to enhance coordination for better border security, curtailing crime and illegal immigration?
    a)   China and Nepal
    b)   India and Sri lanka
    c)   India and China
    d)   China and Pakistan

    9).The term SAME was related to SAARC and it stands for?
    a)   SAARC Market for Energy
    b)   Seminal Market for Energy
    c)   SAARC Market for Electricity
    d)   None of these

    10).In which state Kashmir Arogya Gram Yojna Organic farming scheme has been launched?
    a)   Meghalaya
    b)   Himachal Pradesh
    c)   Simla
    d)   Jammu and Kashmir

    1). c)   2). b)   3). a)   4). a)   5). d)   6). d)   7). b)   8). a)   9). c)   10). d)

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