Current Affairs and GK question Updates-24th Oct 2014 | IBPS PO/Clerk Exam Preparation

    Current Affairs and GK question Updates-24th Oct 2014 | IBPS PO/Clerk Exam Preparation:  
    Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

    1).Who is Nguyen Tan Dung?
    a)   South Korea Prime Minister
    b)   Vietnam Prime Minister
    c)   South Korea President
    d)   Vietnam President

    2).The Union Ministry of Road and Highway department has newly launched ETC, here ETC stands for?
    a)   Electronic Tax Collection
    b)   Electronic Toll Commission
    c)   Electronic Toll Collection
    d)   Electronic Tax converter

    3).Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was launched in which of the following country?
    a)   Nepal
    b)   China
    c)   Indonesia
    d)   Australia

    4).SS. Rajendran was a veteran actor of?
    a)   Tamil Nadu
    b)   Kerala
    c)   Andhra Pradesh
    d)   Karnataka

    5).Who has been re-elected as the President of Brazil?
    a)   Aecio Neves
    b)   Jitan Manjhi
    c)   Julio Prestes
    d)   Dilma Rousseff

    6).Run Unity was associated with?
    a)   Rashtriya Ekta Diwas
    b)   Bal Diwas
    c)   World Integration Day
    d)   None of these

    7).mPassBook facility has been launched by which of the following banks?
    a)   Axis
    b)   ICICI
    c)   SBI
    d)   Bank of India

    8).What is the name of the company that has been formed for implementing ETC across the country?
    a)   Highway Toll Limited
    b)   Indian Highways Management Company Limited
    c)   FTC Limited
    d)   ITC Limited

    9).China has recently launched AIIB to the rival of World Bank, here “II” Means?
    a)   Infrastructure and Investment
    b)   Investment and Improvement
    c)   Improvement with Innovative
    d)   Intermittent and Investment

    10).What is the name of the cyclone that affected Coastal districts of Gujarat?
    a)   Tyica
    b)   Ekta
    c)   Hud Hud
    d)   Nilofar

    1). b)   2). c)   3). b)   4). a)   5). d)   6). a)   7). c)   8). b)   9). a)   10). d)

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