Current Affairs and GK question Updates-24th Sep 2014 | IBPS Exam Preparation

    Current Affairs and GK question Updates-24th Sep 2014 | IBPS Exam Preparation:   
    Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for competitive exams can use these questions.

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    1).Recently Delhi Resolution was adopted by which of the following organization?
    a)   WTO
    b)   SAARC Ministers of Culture
    c)   G-20
    d)   G-77

    2).For the Group of 20 annual Summit 2014, who will be the PM Narendra Modi’s Sherpa?
    a)   Anurag Desai
    b)   Ajit Nigam
    c)   Suresh Prabhu
    d)   Sanjay Baru

    3).Swachh Bharat Mission was to equip every household with sanitation facility by the year?
    a)   2016
    b)   2018
    c)   2020
    d)   2019

    4).ICC World Cricket League, WCL Division 3, 2014 will be hosted at?
    a)   Malaysia
    b)   India
    c)   Australia
    d)   England

    5).Who is the two players that have been selected for Bradman Honoree 2014?
    a)   Sachin Tendulkar and Steve Warne
    b)   Sachin Tendulkar and Steve Waugh
    c)   MS Dhoni and Alistair Cook
    d)   Date Styn and MS Dhoni

    6).Union cabinet has approved agreement on grid connectivity with which of the following country?
    a)   Nepal
    b)   Pakistan
    c)   China
    d)   Sri Lanka

    7).Global Investors Summit October 2014 was hosted by?
    a)   Punjab
    b)   Goa
    c)   Delhi
    d)   Madhya Pradesh

    8).Smart Star Scheme-SB account for minors was launched by which of the following banks?
    a)   SBI
    b)   HDFC
    c)   ICICI
    d)   Bank of Baroda

    9).Which is the capital of SAARC culture 2015-16?
    a)   Kathmandu
    b)   Colombo
    c)   Gaya
    d)   Bamiyan

    10).Kerala Government has selected MT Vasudevan Nair for 2013 JC Daniel Award who was a?
    a)   Malayalam Filmmaker
    b)   Kannad Filmmaker
    c)   Hindi Filmmaker
    d)   English Filmmaker

    1). b)   2). c)   3). d)   4). a)   5). b)   6). a)   7). d)   8). c)   9). d)   10). a)

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