Current Affairs and GK question Updates | 26th Aug 2014

Current Affairs and GK question Updates | 26th Aug 2014:
Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for competitive exams can use these questions.

1).Who will head the committee, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has constituted to carry out a review to identify obsolete?
a)   V.K.Bhasin
b)   Rajnath singh
c)   R.Ramanujam
d)    Narendra Modi
2).In Mexico, archaeologists has found two ancient ________ cities Lagunita and Tamchen?
a)   Mayan
b)   Red Indian
c)   Canadian Indians
d)   South Indians
3).Who is the first President of Indian Steel Association?
a)   Sandeep Sharma
b)   Mayank Gandhi
c)   Varun Yadav
d)   C.S.Verma
4).In how many language does the Indian Government has launched Dot Bharat domain?
a)   twelve
b)   eight
c)   five
d)   four
5).Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign to raise awareness and funds for?
a)   Heart Attack
b)   Breast Cancer
c)   Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
d)   Child Cancer
6).8th Health Insurance Summit recently held at”?
a)   Indore
b)   New Delhi
c)   Dehradun
d)   Goa
7).Travel Company Cox and Kings has got the outsourcing contract of Deccan Odyssey for five years. Which State tourism department runs Deccan Odyssey?
a)   Delhi Tourism
b)   Maharashtra Tourism
c)   Madhya Pradesh Tourism
d)   Haryana Tourism
8).Israel and Hamas have agreed to __________ proposal for a complete ceasefire?
a)   Egyptian
b)   British
c)   American
d)   French
9).World Badminton Championship 2014 was hosted by which country?
a)   England
b)   Singapore
c)   Jakarta
d)   Denmark
10). For Kurdish forces fighting ISIS militants in Iraq, How many countries have decided to provide weapons and ammunition?
a)   four
b)   six
c)   eight
d)   ten
1). c)   2). a)   3). d)   4). b)   5). c)   6). b)   7). b)   8). a)   9). d)   10). a)

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