Current Affairs GK Quiz

    Current Affairs GK Quiz - 9th January 2016
    Current Affairs GK Quiz – 9th January 2016:
    Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

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    1. Which of the following states recently allowed ‘Jallikattu’ or bull taming sport by the Central Government?
    a)   Karnataka
    b)   Kerala
    c)   Tamil Nadu
    d)   Andhra Pradesh
    e)   Telangana

    2. Bharti Airtel named who among the following as non-executive director in place of Rajan Bharti Mittal.
    a)   Devender Kumar Sikri
    b)   Vinod Rai
    c)   VS Sampath
    d)   Mario Draghi
    e)   Rakesh Bharti Mittal

    3. For the first time in history, the army of which of the following countries will be a part of the Republic Day parade 2016
    a)   Russia
    b)   France
    c)   Singapore
    d)   Japan
    e)   Italy

    4. Microsoft developing its own SIM cards for devices running with which operating systems?
    a)   Windows 10
    b)   Windows 2000
    c)   Windows 8
    d)   Windows XP
    e)   Windows 98

    5. According to World Bank in fiscal 2016-17, India’s growth rate is
    a)   6.3%
    b)   7.2%
    c)   7.5%
    d)   7.8%
    e)   7.9%

    6. Iran broke off all its commercial ties and it decided that all imports from which country would be banned?
    a)   Armenia
    b)   Saudi Arabia
    c)   Gulf
    d)   Turkey
    e)   Iraq

    7. Kolkata Municipal Corporation and the British Government jointly launched a roadmap to make Kolkata “low-carbon and Climate Resilient”. Who is the Chief Minister of West Bengal?
    a)   NabamTuki
    b)   Nitish Kumar
    c)   Anandi ben Patel
    d)   Mamata Banerjee
    e)   Vasundhara Raje

    8. SBI General Insurance has appointed __________ as its new managing director and chief executive officer.
    a)   S.K Roy
    b)   Rajesh Agarwal
    c)   A.K. Saxena
    d)   Pushan Mahapatra
    e)   None of these

    9. The number of people using Facebook messenger application has crossed 800 million, taking the lead as the fastest growing social networking site of 2015. Who is the founder of Facebook?
    a)   Steve Chen
    b)   Jan Koum
    c)   Paul Buchheit
    d)   Kavin Bharti Mittal
    e)   Mark Zucker berg

    10. Thermal Power companies will now have to transport fly ash free of cost to road construction site located within 100 kms perimeter of their plant in which state?
    a)     Tamil Nadu
    b)     Gujarat
    c)     Odisha
    d)     Maharashtra
    e)     Assam

    1). c) 2). e) 3). b) 4). a) 5). d) 6). b) 7). d) 8). d) 9). e) 10). c)
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