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Current Affairs Quiz-28th January 2016
Current Affairs Quiz-28th January 2016:                            
Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

1).The permanent memorial of India’s first aircraft carrier INS Vikrant was unveiled in
a)   Kolkata
b)   Mumbai
c)   Banglore
d)   Delhi
e)   None of the above

2).ParamVishishtSeva Medal (PVSM) is presented in the field of
a)   Indian Air Force
b)   Indian Army
c)   Indian Navy
d)   Indian Police Service
e)   Indian Engineering Service

3).Who comes on the top Richest Person in the World with a net worth of $87.4 billion?
a)   MukeshAmbani
b)   Anil Ambani
c)   Bill Gates
d)   Mark Zukenburg
e)   None of the above

4).French Utility firm EDF signed a preliminary deal to construct six nuclear reactors at the
a)   Nuclear power Corp of India Ltd’s (NPCIL) Kaiga
b)   Nuclear power Corp of India Ltd’s (NPCIL) Tarapur
c)   Nuclear power Corp of India Ltd’s (NPCIL) Kundakulam
d)   Nuclear power Corp of India Ltd’s (NPCIL) Jaitpur
e)   None of the above

5).Whom has joined the World Economic Forum (WEF) task force to study the future of the global financial system?
a)   ArundhatiBhatacharya
b)   RaghuramRajan
c)   H K Bhanwala
d)   U K Sinha
e)   None of the above

6).Which tech company has agreed to acquire UK-based Point to Point Ltd for around $11 M?
a)   Wipro
b)   Infosys
c)   TCS
d)   HCL
e)   IGate

7).Which Company has deployed Cisco’s Self Optimising Network (SON) technology to reduce call drops?
a)   Idea
b)   Vodafone
c)   Airtel
d)   Reliance
e)   Tata Docomo

8).Apple reported an increase of _______ % in the sales of iPhones in India in the quarter ended December.
a)   80
b)   79
c)   76
d)   82
e)   None of the above

9).HeenaSidhu shoots her way to Rio Olympics 2016 with ______ in Asian qualifiers.
a)   Bronze
b)   Silver
c)   Gold
d)   No Medal
e)   Not qualified

10).Ranbir Chopra, who died in Kapurthala, Punjab at the age of 86 is related to which sport?
a)   Hockey
b)   Table Tennis
c)   Cricket
d)   Golf
e)   Basket Ball

1) b)  2) c)  3) c)  4) d)  5) b)  6) d)  7) b)  8) c)  9) c)  10) e)

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