Daily Current Affairs Quiz –23rd October 2018

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for bank exam  SBI RRB SSC PO & Clerk Exam 2018 of 23rd October 2018. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for RRB SSC PO and Clerk Exam 2018 & competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

Daily Current Affairs Quiz –23rd October 2018


1) The first-ever joint maritime exercise will be conducted between ASEAN and which country?

a) Brazil
b) China
c) Japan
d) Russia

e) None of these

2) Which of the following space agencies have successfully launched an unmanned Bepi Colombo spacecraft to Mercury?

a) European Space Agency and JAXA
b) ISRO and NASA
c) JAXA and NASA
d) ISRO and European Space Agency

e) None of these

3) Who won Ustad Chand Khan Lifetime Achievement Award?

a) T H Vinayakram

b) Tarun Bhattacharya

c) Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

d) Hariprasad Chaurasia

e) None of these

4) Which state government stated Man-animal conflict as a ‘State Declared Disaster’?

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Karnataka

c) Kerala

d) Uttar Pradesh

e) None of these

5) What is the new name proposed by Himachal Pradesh government to rename the state capital Shimla?

a) Simla

b) Shyamala

c) Shoghi

d) Shamla

e) None of these

6) Which organisation has signs MoU with Dubai Internet City (DIC) to expand Indian SMEs in MENA region?





e) None of these

7) Name the first bank which launches Wealth Hub in Mangalore?

a) ICICI Bank

b) Central Bank of India

c) State Bank of India

d) Axis Bank

e) Yes Bank

8) How much amount did Green Climate Fund approves to assist poor countries to tackle climate change?

a) $2 billion

b) $1 billion

c) $4 billion

d) $5 billion

e) None of these

9) What is the name of Artificial Intelligence launched by Finnish firm Pöyry and Infosys?

a) Krti 4.0

b) NetReveal

c) Kirthi 4.0

d) NetRevolt

e) None of these

10) Which country will be the global host of UNICEF’s Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health stakeholders meeting?

a) India

b) Bangladesh

c) Russia

d) China

e) None of these

Answers :

1) Answer: B

The first-ever joint maritime exercise will be conducted between ASEAN and China in the South China Sea near the city of Zhanjiang in an effort to reduce tensions in the disputed region. This exercise will provide very good opportunities from the navies of ASEAN and China to work together using the CUES (Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea). Four ASEAN members — Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam — have conflicting claims in the South China Sea with Beijing.

2) Answer: A

The European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have successfully launched an unmanned Bepi Colombo spacecraft into orbit from an Ariane 5 rocket for a joint mission to Mercury, the planet closest to the sun. The spacecraft has been named after Italian scientist Giuseppe “Bepi” Colombo. The unmanned spacecraft will have to follow an elliptical path that involves a fly-by of Earth, two of Venus and six of Mercury itself so it can slow down before arriving at its destination in December 2025.

3) Answer: C

Sursagar Society of Dilli Gharana announced Grammy-winning Hindustani classical music instrumentalist Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt as the recipient of the annual Ustad Chand Khan Lifetime Achievement Award. The award will be given at the two-day Indian classical music festival scheduled to be held on October 21-22, 2018 and organized by Sursagar Society of Dilli Gharana. Mr. Bhatt is known for his Grammy award winning album “A Meeting by the River” with Ry Cooder.

4) Answer: D

The Uttar Pradesh government made the man-animal conflict a ‘State Declared Disaster’. These incidents would be under the ambit of State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF). According to the provisions of the order, a compensatory amount of Rs.5 lakh would be given to the family of the deceased if the victim of the animal attack dies. The disbursement of compensation for injury would be in accordance to SDRF guidelines.

5) Answer: B

BJP-ruled Himachal Pradesh government is considering a proposal to rename state capital Shimla to Shyamala. The demand was made by right-wing Hindu groups as part of efforts to remove symbols of British rule. Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said that his government will seek public opinion on the demand for Shimla’s renaming. A Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) functionary claimed that Shyamala was the original name of Shimla city. State Health Minister Vipin Singh said that he feels that there would not be any harm in changing the name.

6) Answer: A

National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) has signed a MoU with the Dubai Internet City (DIC)to help small and medium-sized Indian enterprises expand their operations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The MoU between NASSCOM and the Dubai Internet City DIC is the first of its kind in the MENA region. The MoU was signed by Ammar al-Malik, Managing Director of DIC and Dubai Outsource City (DOC) and Kamal Agarwala, SME Council Chair, NASSCOM. As per the MoU, DIC will give NASSCOM’s, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) members opportunity to develop their operations by offering support and a platform to expand in the MENA region

7) Answer: C

State Bank of India is the first bank to introduce wealth business services for its customers. The wealth hub was launched by SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar.

8) Answer: B

9) Answer: A

Finnish firm Pöyry and Infosys has announced the release of a new data-driven framework “Krti 4.0” for Artificial Intelligence that overcomes complex and expensive life cycle management challenges faced by industry, utilities and infrastructure organisations across operational technology systems.

10) Answer: A

India will be the global host of UNICEF’s Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health stakeholders meeting, including participation from nearly hundred countries, this December.

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