Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz – July 25th 2018

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for bank exam  SBI RRB SSC PO & Clerk Exam 2018 of 25th July 2018. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for  SBI SSC PO and Clerk Exam 2018 & competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz – July 25th 2018

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1) What will be the penalty awarded to those convicted of raping children below 12 years, according to the proposal of amendment POCSO Act?

a) 12 Year jail

b) 3 Years Jail

c) 7 Years Jail

d) Death penalty

e) None of these

2) What is the new section new section inserted in Negotiable Instruments (Amendment) Bill, 2017 for the offence related to cheque bouncing to direct drawer (person who writes cheque) to pay interim compensation to complainant?

a) Section 140 A

b) Section 148 A

c) Section 145 A

d) Section 143 A

e) None of these

3) Which of the following country has become a popular hub of medical tourism?

a) USA

b) Russia

c) China

d) India

e) None of these

4) Who is the head of 4-member panel to propose measures on mob violence, lynching?

a) Rajnath Singh

b) Rajiv Gauba

c) Rajiv Kumar

d) Rajiv Maharishi

e) None of these

5) What is the name of the contest initiated by Ministry of Women and Child Development to mark the World Day against Trafficking in Persons?

a) #Childline1090

b) #Childrenline1098

c) #Childline1098

d) None of these

e) #Childline1096

6) How much amount did sanctioned by Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh under the National Dairy Plan (NDP) to enhance productivity of milch animals?

a) Rs 1,750.14 crore

b) Rs 1,742.14 crore

c) Rs 1,730.14 crore

d) None of these

e) Rs 1,754.14 crore

7) How many sites does Ministry of Tourism has identified in the country for development under Iconic Tourist Sites Development Project?

a) 7

b) 10

c) 15

d) 17

e) 12

8) Name the country that has passed law to legalise casino gambling?

a) China

b) India

c) Japan

d) Russia

e) None of these.

9) What is the minimum percentage of fine or compensation awarded by trial court during conviction because of Cheque bouncing, according to Section 148-A of Negotiable Instruments (Amendment) Bill, 2017?

a) 10%

b) 22%

c) 15%

d) 20%

e) 25%

10) Who has appointed as Bajaj Auto Ltd’s first Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)?

a) Mahesh Sharma

b) Rajesh Sharma

c) Ramesh Sharma

d) Rakesh Sharma

e) None of these

11) Which country will host the next ASEAN Education Ministers Meeting (ASED) in October?

a) India

b) Myanmar

c) USA

d) China

e) None of these

12) In which of the following state Swachh Survekshan Grameen scheme is launched?

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Jharkhand

c) Maharashtra

d) Both a and b

e) All of these

13) Where does the Men’s team event of the World Junior Squash Championships has begun?

a) Mumbai

b) Goa

c) Chennai

d) Kolkata

e) New Delhi


1) Answer: D

Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 – for enhancing punishment in cases of sexual assault against young boys, will be sent to the Cabinet in two-three days by Women and Child Development (WCD) Ministry. As per this Act, death penalty will be awarded to those convicted of raping children below 12 years.

2) Answer: D

The Negotiable Instruments (Amendment) Bill, 2017 inserts new Section 143 A in parent Act to allow court trying offence related to cheque bouncing to direct drawer (person who writes cheque) to pay interim compensation to complainant. This compensation may be paid under certain circumstances, including where drawer pleads not guilty of accusation. It will not exceed 20% of cheque amount and will be paid by drawer within 60 days of trial court’s order to pay such compensation.

3) Answer: D

India has become a popular hub of medical tourism, attracting a large number of foreign patients every year. The reason behind such happening is a rare combination of advanced facilities, skilled doctors, and low cost of treatment.  India currently has around 18% of the global medical tourism market. It has been estimated that by 2020, it could be worth $9 billion, and account for 20% of the global market share.

4) Answer: B

The government has set up a four-member committee headed by Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba to suggest measures and legal framework to effectively deal with incidents of mob violence and lynching

5) Answer: C

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has launched a contest, ‘#Childline1098’ to mark the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, 2018.

6) Answer: E

Union Agriculture Minister Shri Radha Mohan Singh announced that the government has sanctioned Rs 1,754.14 crore under National Dairy Plan (NDP). To enhance productivity of milch animals.

7) Answer: D

  • Ministry of Tourism has identified 17 sites in 12 clusters in the country for development under Iconic Tourist Sites Development Project, pursuant to Budget Announcements of 2018-19.
  • Following are the 17 sites:
    • Uttar Pradesh- TajMahal & FatehpurSikri
    • Maharashtra- Ajanta & Ellora.
    • Delhi- Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort & QutubMinar
    • Goa- Colva beach
    • Rajasthan- Amer Fort
    • Gujarat- Somnath & Dholavira
    • Madhya Pradesh- Khajuraho
    • Karnataka- Hampi
    • Tamil Nadu- Mahabalipuram
    • Assam- Kaziranga
    • Kerala- Kumarakom
    • Bihar- Mahabodhi.

8) Answer: C

Japan’s parliament has passed the Integrated Resort (IR) bill which will lead to the opening of the country’s first legal casino. As per the bill, the casinos will be restricted to three locations in the initial phase. Amid concerns about gambling addiction, the law limits Japanese citizens to three casino visits per week and 10 per month, and charged admission of 6000 yen ($53.4) per day.

9) Answer: D

The Bill inserts another new Section 148-A in the parent act specifying that if drawer convicted in cheque bouncing case files appeal, appellate court may direct him to deposit minimum of 20% of fine or compensation awarded by trial court during conviction. This amount will be in addition to any interim compensation paid by drawer during earlier trial proceedings.

10) Answer: D

Bajaj Auto Ltd. has appointed Rakesh Sharma as its first Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

11) Answer: B

Myanmar which will host the next Asean Education Ministers Meeting (ASED) in October seeks to boost its education sector by cooperating with India, China and the US among others.

12) Answer: E

Swachh Survekshan Grameen launched in UP, Jharkhand and Maharashtra.

13) Answer: C

The Men’s team event of the World Junior Squash Championships has begun in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. A total of 24 countries, divided into eight groups, are taking part. India, placed in Group-E alongside Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, is seeded fifth

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