Daily Current Affairs – 25th October 2015

    Daily Current Affairs
    Daily Current Affairs – 25th October 2015:
    Daily Current affairs News Updates about the National and International events were listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk exam and all other competitive exams can use this.

    1).World Polio Day was observed across the world on24 October to create awareness about the hazards of the crippling Polio disease
    ·        World Polio Day has been established byRotary International to commemorate the birth ofJonas Salk who had led the 1st team of researchers which had developed a vaccine against poliomyelitis
    ·        Poliovirus Poliomyelitis(polio) – a highly infectious viral disease, which mainly affects young children below age of 5
    ·        The Rotary International has planned to make world Polio free by2019by stepping up its vaccination campaigns
    ·        Global Campaign Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) which was launched in 1988 has played pivotal role in eradication of wild poliovirus
    ·        Till 2012,Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country was the reservoir of more than half of the Polio cases in the world
    ·        By 2015,World Health Organization(WHO) has removed Nigeria from the list of Polio endemic countries
    ·        This development had led to widespread use of this inactivated poliovirus vaccine and subsequently use of the oral poliovirus, developed byAlbert Sabin

    2). UnionDefence Ministry approved induction ofwomen into theFighter branch ofIndian Air Force (IAF) keeping in view the aspirations of Indian women and in line with contemporary trends in Armed Forces of developed nations
    ·        The 1st women fighter pilots would be selected from the batch which is presently undergoing flying training atAir Force Academy in Hyderabad, Telangana
    ·        These women pilots will be commissioned into the fighter stream inJune 2016 after successful completion of initial training
    ·        They would undergo advanced training for1 year and would enter a fighter cockpit byJune 2017
    ·        Presently, there are around1,500 women in the IAF including the following
    a)   94 – Pilots
    b)   14– Navigators
    ·        IAF is also inducting women inTransportandHelicopter streams

    3).Western Digital Corporation entered into a definitive agreement withSanDisk Corporation to buy it for19 billion US dollar
    ·        Both theMulti National Corporations(MNCs) are based in theUSA
    ·        Objective of Acquisition
    a)   To pave the way for utilization of complementary product lines of both the companies
    b)   To provide the foundation for a broader set of products and technologies from consumer to datacenter
    ·        Western Digital– an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of storage solutions that enable people to create, manage, experience and preserve digital content
    ·        SanDisk– a Fortune 500 and company and is a global leader in flash storage solutions.

    4). Researchers discovered4 new crabspecies inKerala by collaborative research project ofA. Biju Kumar,R. Reshmi andTomoyuki Komai (Japan)
    ·        These findings have been published in the international journal of taxonomy namedZootaxa
    ·        The following are the 4 new crab species that were discovered
    a)   Paguristes luculentus
    b)   Diogenes canaliculatus
    c)   Pagurus spinossior
    d)   Afropinnotheres ratnakara
    ·        Discovery of these 4 new crab species out of which3arehermit crabs from the Kerala coast highlights the diversity of the crustacean in the state
    ·        Paguristes luculentus
    a)   It is ahermit crab species belonging to the familyDiogenidae was collected off the coast ofKollam
    b)   It represents the 9th of the genus known from Indian waters
    c)   The species nameluculentus (meaningcolourful) refers to its livid living colour
    ·        Diogenes canaliculatus
    a)   It is ahermit crab species belonging to the familyDiogenidae has light brown or tan colour
    b)   It has been named after the longitudinal furrows on the outer surface of its arm on left chelate leg
    c)   The family Diogenidae of crabs are left handed hermits as their left claw is larger
    ·        Pagurus spinossior
    a)   It ishermit crab belonging toPaguridae family which are right handed crabs
    b)   It is tan in colour and was collected fromNeendakara, Kollam
    c)   Its namespinossiorrefers tospecies strong armature on the clawed legs
    ·        Afropinnotheres ratnakara
    a)   It is a new species ofpinnotheridcrab genus
    b)   The genus was reported for the first time from the Indian Ocean
    c)   It was found inside thePerna perna(brown mussel) atKovalam
    d)   The species namesratnakara in Sanskrit means Indian Ocean

    5). Veteran Iraq expertBrett McGurk has been appointed as theSpecial Envoyto theUS-led coalition fighting theIslamic State (IS) by the US PresidentBarack Obama
    ·        Brett McGurk – a long-time and most trusted White House adviser on Iraq
    ·        He succeededGeneral John Allen who had led the global coalition’s campaign against IS militants in Iraq since its inception in2014

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