Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates- 15th April 2015

    Daily Current Affairs and GK questions
    Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates- 15th April 2015:                          
    Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

    1)._______ has launched nationwide satellite-based tele-medicine programme for its troops.
    a)   ITF
    b)   CISF
    c)   BSF
    d)   American Army

    2).Vishu is a Harvest Festival which was celebrated at_______.
    a)   Punjab
    b)   Kerala
    c)   Bihar
    d)   Gujarat

    3).______ has decided to take action against Google over alleged anti-competitive behavior.
    a)   EU
    b)   CIA
    c)   IMF
    d)   TRAI

    4).Asiana Airlines, is a ______ based Airlines.
    a)   Indonesia
    b)   China
    c)   South Korea
    d)   Singapore

    5).The Term ‘Net Neutrality’ is related to which of the following organization?
    a)   Flipkart
    b)   Amazon
    c)   Larry Page
    d)   Tim Wu

    6).In Eastern Coast of India, the annual fishing ban will be implemented for ________.
    a)   45 days
    b)   60 days
    c)   30 days
    d)   50 days

    7).Who is the first lady judge of the Sikkim High Court?
    a)   Deep Rai
    b)   Meenakshi Madan Rai
    c)   Jhansi Rani
    d)   Purnima Jaiswal

    8)._________ has recently published its annual report on South Asia Economic Focus, titled- Making the most of cheap oil.
    a)   Morgan Stanley
    b)   IMF
    c)   World Bank
    d)   WTO

    9).Which of the following state has given Cabinet Minister Status to Yoga Guru Ramdev?
    a)   Jharkhand
    b)   Uttar Pradesh
    c)   Bihar
    d)   Haryana

    10).Among the following country which has recently started the construction of its first nuclear power plant?
    a)   Turkey
    b)   Sri Lanka
    c)   Pakistan
    d)   Bangladesh

    1). c)   2). b)   3). a)   4). c)   5). d)   6). a)   7). b)   8). c)   9). d)   10). a)

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