Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates- 20th June 2015

    Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates
    Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates- 20th June 2015:                            
    Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

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    1).Name the Indian who has been selected for the Japan’s Fukuoka Prize 2015?
    a)   Chetan Bhagat
    b)   Nandan Gupta
    c)   R Rao
    d)   Ramachandra Guha

    2).Who is the winner of FIFA U-20 World Cup 2015.
    a)   Brazil
    b)   England
    c)   Serbia
    d)   Germany

    3).Which of the following two countries has signed a formal free trade agreement, recently?
    a)   China and Australia
    b)   China and Japan
    c)   India and China
    d)   India and Nepal

    4).Which of the following bank has recently launched Fx Out?
    a)   HDFC
    b)   SBI
    c)   Axis
    d)   ICICI

    5).What is the name of the world’s first electric passenger aircraft?
    a)   ELE- 2015
    b)   E-Flight
    c)   ENEX
    d)   BX1E

    6).HDFC Bank has launched 10 seconds Paper less instant loan Scheme to provide which of the following loans?
    a)   Home loans
    b)   Mortgage loans
    c)   Personal loans
    d)   Car loans

    7).What is the name of the ISRO’s Navigational system which will provide support to Indian Railways?
    a)   Indian Rail
    b)   GAGAN
    c)   Aman
    d)   Aakash

    8).Which of the following state has banned the sale of Thermocol Plates?
    a)   Jharkhand
    b)   Uttar Pradesh
    c)   Assam
    d)   Bihar

    9).Who is the new Executive Director of Amnesty International India?
    a)   Ajay Jain
    b)   Vishal Patel
    c)   Aakar Patel
    d)   Vivek Prasad

    10).Recently, India has launched a Cluster Development Programme for which of the following sector?
    a)   Education
    b)   SMEs
    c)   Child Care
    d)   Pharma

    1). d)   2). c)   3). a)   4). b)   5). d)   6). c)   7). b)   8). a)   9). c)   10). d)

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