Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates- 23rd June 2015

    Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates
    Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates- 23rdJune 2015:                            
    Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

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    1). 23rd June is observed as _________.
    a)   World Diabetes Day
    b)   International Olympic Day
    c)   World Refugee Day
    d)   World Blood Donor Day

    2).Who is the author of the book- “Red Tape to Red Carpet and then some”?
    a)   Mukesh Ambhani
    b)   V P Singh
    c)   Mrs Gina Rinehart
    d)   Kumara Gowda

    3).Which among the following state has declares the June 22nd as the “Snake Bird Day”?
    a)   Kerala
    b)   Andhra Pradesh
    c)   Karnataka
    d)   Assam

    4).IBEF stands for________.
    a)   Indian Bilateral Energy Foundation
    b)   Indian Bilateral Equity Foundation
    c)   International Brand Equity Foundation
    d)   India Brand Equity Foundation

    5).Who has been recently became the first fully blind IAS Officer?
    a)   NL Beno Zephine
    b)   T P Sreenivasan
    c)   Kantabanji
    d)   Gopal Singh

    6).India has recently amended the bilateral Treaty of Transit with_________.
    a)   Bhutan
    b)   Bangladesh
    c)   Sri Lanka
    d)   Nepal

    7).Head of the ________ Eurozone countries held an emergency summit on the _______ debt crisis in________.
    a)   21, Belgium, Greek
    b)   19, Greek, Brussels
    c)   19, Poland, Greek
    d)   23, Poland, London

    8).Ambubachi Mahotsava is related to which state?
    a)   Uttarkhand
    b)   Odisha
    c)   Assam
    d)   Bihar

    9).Which of the following country has launched first electric passenger Aircraft?
    a)   South Korea
    b)   Thailand
    c)   China
    d)   Brazil

    10).Shashi Bala is related to which of the following sports?
    a)   Cricket
    b)   Hockey
    c)   Tennis
    d)   Badminton

    1). b)   2). c)   3). a)   4). d)   5). a)   6). d)   7). b)   8). c)   9). c)   10). b)

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