Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates- 29th April 2015

    Daily Current Affairs and GK questions
    Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates- 29th April 2015:             
    Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

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    1).Who is the winner of the Common Wealth Short Story Prize 2015 in Asia Region?
    a)   Rupa Guha
    b)   Siddhartha Gigoo
    c)   Neelam Joshi
    d)   Chetan Bhagat

    2).Who is the winner of the 5th Senior Men’s National Hockey Championship 2015?
    a)   Madhya Pradesh
    b)   West Bengal
    c)   Railways
    d)   Services

    3).Who is the first Indian-American Women Judge of New York?
    a)   Neha Varma
    b)   Vibha Gupta
    c)   Durga Sharma
    d)   Raja Rajeswari

    4).Among the following which has country has amended its constitution to reduce the President’s Power?
    a)   Nepal
    b)   Sri Lanka
    c)   Pakistan
    d)   Afghanistan

    5).International Yoga Day was observed on_______.
    a)   June 23
    b)   June 22
    c)   June 21
    d)   June 20

    6).Steel Authority of India has planned to produce metal of 50 million tonnes by________.
    a)   2025
    b)   2020
    c)   2022
    d)   2028

    7).Which of the following country has declared as Rubella free?
    a)   America
    b)   Germany
    c)   Scotland
    d)   Australia

    8).Among the following which country has proposed New JWG on Nuclear Deal with India?
    a)   Italy
    b)   Japan
    c)   Russia
    d)   France

    9).E-Tourist Visa Scheme has been extended for how many countries?
    a)   101
    b)   90
    c)   76
    d)   80

    10).Who is the author of the book-“Umbrella Man”?
    a)   Ramananda Sagar
    b)   Rupa Ganguly
    c)   Satyam Singhal
    d)   Siddhartha Gigoo

    1). b)   2). c)   3). d)   4). b)   5). c)   6). a)   7). a)   8). b)   9). c)   10). d)

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