Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates- 2nd July 2015

Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates
Daily Current Affairs and GK questions Updates- 2ndJuly 2015:                            
Current affairs and GK questions about the country and world are listed here. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions.

1).As per NSSO survey, what is the literacy rate of Rural and Urban Area respectively?
a)   71% and 86%
b)   75% and 90%
c)   65% and 80%
d)   73% and 81%

2).Who is the winner of G D Birla Award 2014?
a)   Prof. Anjali Noori
b)   Prof. Pankaj Kapoor
c)   Prof. Sundeep Sharma
d)   Prof. Sanjeev Galande

3).As per Global Rating Agency report, what is the expected growth rate of India in 2015?
a)   7%
b)   7.8%
c)   7.5%
d)   6.9%

4).Greece has failed to make a ________ loan payment to International Monetary Fund?
a)   $ 3.3 billion
b)   $3.5 billion
c)   $1.8 billion
d)   $2.5 billion

5).Abhijeet Gupta is related to which of the following sports?
a)   Tennis
b)   Chess
c)   Boxing
d)   Archery

6).Who is known as the father of SMS technology?
a)   Charles Babbage
b)   Steve Jobs
c)   Matti Makkonen
d)   Bill Gates

7).What is Sampada?
a)   Part of Make in India
b)   Mobile virus
c)   Welfare scheme
d)   Software

8).Which is the first developed nation to default on IMF debt?
a)   Greece
b)   Belgium
c)   Japan
d)   Turkey

9).Among the following countries which will not be beneficiary of BRICS bank?
a)   Brazil
b)   Japan
c)   Russia
d)   India

10).In NSSO, second “S” stands for________.
a)   Supplement
b)   Survey
c)   Senior
d)   Sample

1). a)   2). d)   3). b)   4). c)   5). b)   6). c)   7). d)   8). a)   9). b)   10). b)

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