“DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session

    “DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session
    “DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session:
    Dear Aspirants, “Practice makes a man perfect” is a most popular proverb. Practice means constant use of one’s intellectual and aesthetic powers. Perfect means ‘ideal’, complete and excellent’. Proper planning and practice promote perfect performance. Constant practice also sharpens talents.

    To give more practice to you, to make your practice hours more, to make us a part of your success, our team planned a new session of “Daily Handouts”.
    In this particular session we will give you questions with options and without explanations. You have to solve by your own and if there is any doubt arises while solving or unable to solve the questions or facing any sort of problems means you can comment below IBPS GUIDE Team will help you out to solve the problem.
    Thank you. Hope it will help you more in your success and one more thing you can comment the answers to help others also.
    Today’s Handouts:
    Directions (1 – 5) In this question three statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II have been given. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.
    a) only Conclusion I is true
    b) only Conclusion II is true
    c) both Conclusions I and II are true
    d) either Conclusion I or II is true
    e) neither Conclusion I nor II is true

    1. Statements:
            I.     All keys are bullets.
           II.     Some keys are points.
         III.     No point is a game.
    Conclusion I: Atleast some bullets are points
    Conclusion II: All games being keys is a possibility
    2. Statements:
            I.     No sight is a vision.
           II.     Some visions are aims.
         III.     All aims are objectives.
    Conclusion I: All sights being aims is a possibility
    Conclusion II: Atleast some objectives are visions
    3. Statements:
            I.     No sight is a vision.
           II.     Some visions are aims.
         III.     All aims are objectives.
    Conclusion I: No objective is a sight
    Conclusion II: No vision is an objective
    4. Statements:
            I.     No file is a page.
           II.     No page is a document.
         III.     All words are documents.
    Conclusion I: No word is a page
    Conclusion II: Atleast some words are pages
    5. Statements:
            I.     All keys are bullets.
           II.     Some keys are points.
         III.     No point is a game.
    Conclusion I: All points being bullets is a possibility
    Conclusion II: No game is a bullet
    1. Two girls, starting from the same place, are at a distance of 62.4 kms after running for 4 hours in the opposite direction. If the speed of one of the girls is 7 km/h. what is the speed (in km/h) of the second girl?
    a)  9.6
    b)  7.6
    c)  6.6
    d) 8.6
    e)  5.6
    2. If the present population of a state is 27500 and after 2 years it increases to 40.931 then what is the rate of increase per year?
    a)  13%
    b)  17%
    c) 22%
    d)  10%
    e)  25%
    3. The area of a square and rectangle are equal. The length of rectangle is greater than the side of the square by 6 cm and the breadth is less by 4 cm. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?
    a)  60 cm
    b)  62 cm
    c)  56 cm
    d) 52 cm
    e)  66 cm
    4. If the price of Sugar decreases by 27%. What should be the approximate percentage increase in the consumption of Sugar so as to keep the expenditure constant?
    a)  27
    b)  33
    c)  30
    d) 37
    e)  32
    5. What will be the respective ratio between the present value of a machine and its value after 2 years if the rate of depreciation is 20% pa?
    a) 25 : 16
    b)  16 : 15
    c)  19 : 16
    d)  25 : 12
    e)  25 : 8
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