“DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session

    “DAILY HANDOUTS”- Morning Session
    “DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session:
    Dear Aspirants, “Practice makes a man perfect” is a most popular proverb. Practice means constant use of one’s intellectual and aesthetic powers. Perfect means ‘ideal’, complete and excellent’. Proper planning and practice promote perfect performance. Constant practice also sharpens talents.

    To give more practice to you, to make your practice hours more, to make us a part of your success, our team planned a new session of “Daily Handouts”.
    In this particular session we will give you questions with options and without explanations. You have to solve by your own and if there is any doubt arises while solving or unable to solve the questions or facing any sort of problems means you can comment bellow IBPS GUIDE Team will help you out to solve the problem.
    Thank you. Hope it will help you more in your success and one more thing you can comment the answers to help others also.
    Today’s Handouts:
    (1-6) Study the given information and answer the given question:
    When a word and number arrangement machine is given an input line of words and arranges them following a particular rule. The following is an illustration of input and (All the numbers are two digit numbers)

    Input :plan more vacations 35 56 92 nice holiday tours 84 61 12
    Step I :92 plan more vacations 35 56 nice tours 84 61 12 holiday
    Step II :92 84 plan vacations 35 56 nice tours 61 12 more holiday
    Step III :92 84 61 plan vacations 35 56 tours 12 nice more holiday
    Step IV :92 84 61 56 vacations 35 tours 12 plan nice more holiday
    Step V :92 84 61 56 35 vacations 12 tours plan nice more holiday
    Step VI :92 84 62 56 35 12 vacations tours plan nice more holiday
    Step VI is the last step of the above arrangement as the intended arrangement is obtained. As per the rules followed in the given steps, find out the appropriate steps for the given input
    Input: hard work pays 96 42 in 79 long run 18 25 57

    1. Which element is exactly between 18 and pays in the fifth step of the given input ?
    a)  42
    b)  long
    c)  work
    d)  25
    e) run

    2. Which element is sixth to the left of the element which is eleventh from the left end of the final step ?
    a)  work
    b)  is
    c) 25
    d)  run
    e)  pays

    3. Which of the following is step fourth of the given input?
    a) 96 79 57 42 work run 18 25 pays long in hard
    b)  96 79 57 work 42 run 25 18 pays long in hard
    c)  96 79 57 42 work run 18 25 hard in long pays
    d)  96 79 57 42 run work 18 25 long pays in hard
    e)  42 57 79 96 work run 18 25 pays long in hard

    4. What is the position of ‘work’ from the right end in the third step ?
    a)  Third
    b)  Eighth
    c) Ninth
    d)  Fourth
    e)  Tenth

    5. How many steps will be required to complete the given input ?
    a)  Five
    b)  Eight
    c)  Seven
    d)  Nine
    e) Six

    6. In which step are the elements ‘42 25 work 18’ found in the same order ?
    a) Fifth
    b)  Third
    c)  Fourth
    d)  sixth
    e)  The given order of elements is not found in any step.
    1. Number of votes cast in village T is approximately what percent less than the number of votes cast in village V?
    a)  28
    b)  22
    c)  32
    d) 40
    e)  45

    2. What is the average number of invalid votes cast in all the given villages together?
    a)  408
    b) 418
    c)  420
    d)  412
    e)  425

    3. What is the respective ratio between number of votes cast in village V and village Y?
    a)  21 : 23
    b)  19 : 22
    c)  17 : 19
    d)  18 : 23
    e) 21 : 22

    4. What is the difference between number of valid votes cast in village U and number of valid votes cast in village W?
    a)  320
    b)  254
    c)  134
    d)  376
    e) 168

    5. The respective ratio of number of male and female registered voters in village X is 9 : 7. If 60% of the female registered voters could cast their votes, what percent of male registered voters could cast their votes?
    a)  551/9
    b)  541/9
    c)  531/9
    d)  521/9
    e) 511/9

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